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The exec who built Snapchat Discover is leaving the company

Nick Bell is stepping down following some recent management changes and four-plus tumultuous years..

Snap's former No.2 executive Imran Khan is building a shopping startup

Khan plans to launch a new shopping platform in 2019..

Social media growth is over in the U.S.— which is its most valuable market

There's room for growth around the world,but advertising revenue overseas is significantly lower..

The ‘Stories' product that Facebook copied from Snapchat is now Facebook's future

The new question: Can Facebook build a business around Stories??

There are problems with Snapchat's plan to jump-start growth

The biggest one: Everyone already has a messaging app..

Taking a page from YouTube,Snap VP Nick Bell wants to find the next generation of media stars

Celebrities are only interesting some of the time,Bell said on the latest episode of Recode Media..

Snap hired two new executives to replace departing Imran Khan,CEO Evan Spiegel's right-hand man

One of the new hires is from Amazon — the third former Amazon exec Snap has hired this year..

Unlike some athletes,former NFL star Maurice Jones-Drew doesn't want to be a venture capitalist

MJD tells Recode's Kurt Wagner that the low success rate in tech investing scares him:"I grew up with no money,so it's like,I got money,I'm gonna try to keep it as long as I can.""

Snapchat's plan to reinvent TV may actually be working

Snap says people like shows,so it's launching a dozen more..

Why Snap will get acquired before 2020,probably by Amazon

On the first episode of Pivot,Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway also discuss the Instagram co-founders' dramatic exit and"tech bias.""

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Google is following Instagram and Snapchat with a big push into Stories

Everyone loves Stories.Everyone including Google..

Four reasons Snap's stock price is at an all-time low

It's not just about the redesign..

Snapchat,which needs a business boost,is creating a new revenue stream with help from some publishers

CNN,NBC and Cosmo are all going to start curating more content inside Snapchat..

Teens are hooked on social media.But how does it make them feel about themselves??

They're well aware of its issues..

‘Stories' was Instagram's smartest move yet

Can it become Facebook's next big business??

Why Snapchat is shrinking

Snap lost users for the first time ever last quarter,and that's concerning..

Has Snapchat already stopped growing??

Analysts think so..

Lauren Goode returns for the final episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask

It's the end of an era!!

Product Hunt CEO Ryan Hoover says redesigning your app is probably a mistake

That goes for everyone,not just Snapchat..

‘Eighth Grade' director Bo Burnham is happy that a lot of people ‘have no idea who I am'

The worst kind of fame,he says on Recode Media,is the kind that makes everyone ask,"Where do I know you from?""

If you can quit social media,but don't,then you're part of the problem,Jaron Lanier says

"You're not doing anything to free those who are more trapped.You're only enslaving them more by entrenching the system.""

Full transcript: Louie Swisher and his mom do a VR experience and take listener questions

Podcast producer Eric Johnson referees..

These are the ‘invisible' challenges that make it harder for Snapchat,Facebook and Twitter to grow

Early Amazon employee Eugene Wei breaks down his theory of"invisible asymptotes"on the latest Recode Media podcast..

Full transcript: The Verge's Casey Newton and Recode's Peter Kafka on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Recorded onsite in Rancho Palos Verdes,host Kara Swisher asks what they thought of the Code Conference speakers..

Longer videos are coming to Instagram today

Plus Messenger's autoplay video ads,Pinterest's shopping ambitions and more news from Cannes Lions..

Snapchat is finally opening its app to developers — and has clearly learned from Facebook's mistakes

Snap is launching APIs,but won't share much user data with developers..

Watch MSNBC and Recode's latest ‘Revolution' TV special

Recode's Kara Swisher,Peter Kafka and Dan Frommer interview executives from Facebook,Snapchat,Uber,Airbnb and Spotify..

Nearly half of American teens are online ‘almost constantly'

That's about double what it was three years ago..

Full video and transcript: Snap CEO Evan Spiegel at Code 2018

"As time goes on,I think it will become clear to more and more people that our values are really hard to copy.""

Evan Spiegel encourages Facebook to ‘copy our data protection practices also'

Spiegel pours salt on the wound in his long-simmering fight with Instagram..

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel: Facebook can copy our features,but ‘our values are hard to copy'

"Fundamentally,they're having a really hard time changing the DNA of their company.""

Can tech help niche sports go mainstream??

Professional lacrosse player Paul Rabil talks about the intersection of social media and sports on the latest Too Embarrassed to Ask..