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You’re not from here originally.</strong></p> <p id="ZxYJ2A">Like so many people from California, they come from elsewhere, originally我肯定是这样I was born and bred on Long Island, New York, to a doctor’s family.</p> <p id="3yLoec"><strong>Where in New York?</strong></p> <p id="qaSYHz">Long Island, or if I’m supposed to correctly pronounce it, <em>Long</em> <em>Giland</em>, but it’s a while since I’ve had that accent我打破了我爸爸的心在大学当我把经济学和爱上了,告诉他我不是医学预科生,从那以后,我曾在东海岸,我工作很多国际在我20多岁我在欧洲和亚洲工作过,然后我在亚特兰大参加奥运会,然后去了波士顿的商学院,然后在纽约的NBC,洛克菲勒广场30号工作。90年代末这么做,当时通用电气(General Electric)旗下的年</p> <p id="Y9hfQV"><strong>What were you doing at NBC?</strong></p> <p id="B6DTXa">Business development, corporate development? So I was there when MSNBC was formed and I was involved in all the internet activities that they did and had a fantastic time there并在纽约市做了几年然后有机会说,如果交易发生,我知道是,他们会要求我离开洛克菲勒广场30号的怀抱很神奇的建筑工作,俯瞰着圣诞树Even though I’m a proud Jew and I love ...</p> <p id="4Rdsad"><strong>You can still go ice skating, so there’s some solace there.</strong></p> <p id="oajOqE">Yeah, I’m not, I’m not very good on skates但我喜欢办公室,然后机会出现了,他们让我来到加利福尼亚,我从来没有回头So I came over here in ’98.</p> <p id="VtLp6D"><strong>Still with NBC, then</strong></p> <p id="8L8TXs">YeahNBC最初,我在那里待了几年在那里度过了美妙的旅程你知道,一直在做业务发展,把我变成了总经理,把我变成了一个高管在我20多岁,30多岁的时候,对我来说真的很专业And I’ve been here ever since</p> <p id="9EwHLD">So, I’ve been here for 20 yearsAnd I’ve done a number of startups out here, have done things on the investment side但是,是的,我确实在克里失利后于2005年第一次参与政治,我开始参与筹款活动。</p> <p id="pI5bLh"><strong>Were you a political junkie growing up or is it something you were just not really ...?</strong></p> <p id="pOwN6r">No, the exact opposite我是20岁左右的问题,所以我的缩影我非常非常专注于我的职业生涯,学习技能,我认为我将在余生中专业地学习尽管我去了卫斯理大学攻读本科生并且我是一名自豪的卫斯理大学毕业生,但我一点也不参与。我在20多岁时和30多岁的时候都没有参与政治活动从那以后,我一直感到遗憾,因为我生命中没有参与其中But I made up for it ...</p> <p id="lvRlOz"><strong>You have.</strong></p> <p id="Q2VVx0">More than made up for it in the years since.</p> <p id="FjNXVk"><strong>There you go让我们谈谈…因此,2004年,约翰·克里输了,你说过之后,你就是那个时刻开始介入What was the first time you got involved in campaign finance? </strong></p> <p id="P6Ghvm">Yeah, so the first moment was a perfect example of Silicon Valley leadership slash potential naiveteAnd I was the poster child for that where little old me, after the loss said, “You know what? Maybe if I had been involved, maybe I could have had a small difference in the outcome.” And many of us felt the same way</p> <p id="SwMngy">And so, very simple, I just called up a couple of friends of mine who had been very engaged in politics and had done it at a senior level, were at the time known as very, very strong fundraisers我只是说,“嘿,看,我不能在政治上工作我不想工作,我喜欢做技术人员,但我想参与其中I want to help try to see if I can make a difference, albeit a small one.” In the aggregate, it adds up to a lot, if a lot of people do于是他们说:“太好了来参加一个活动,来做贡献,这很棒。“我在2005年2月参加了这个活动</p> <p id="AsuLLy"><strong>Who was the guy who invited you?</strong></p> <p id="7KZVOV">Well, the first one was a guy named Donnie Fowler who was running for DNC chair几周之后,第二个是参议员特德肯尼迪在那两张支票之后,我可以要求的第三张支票,我想,“哇,你没有见过我的妻子。”这些支票来得太快而且太大了我不能完成所有这些写作所以,如果你不能写所有这些东西,你还能做什么?那是他们介绍我抚养长大的时候</p> <p id="BVzGBI"><strong>The art of fundraising这是不同的,因为,我的意思是,你不是亿万富翁,你是一个普通人</strong></p> <p id="5EvWPw">Exactly.</p> <p id="kXJdkO"><strong>But the art of fundraising is there’s givers and there’s fundraisers and some people straddle it所以是2005,你的介绍给这几个人在硅谷</strong></p> <p id="qWAGGY">And that’s itI tried to treat it like business and say, okay, if I’m going to do this, what are the right ways to do it? What are the best practices that you can share? And I was very quickly disappointed when they said there are no best practices这是筹款,你知道,你收到邀请,你收到一封电子邮件,你得到一个链接,你发送出去,或者你与人交谈。</p> <p id="1EK8g7">And after many times, many failed attempts to try to get the best practices of what are the dos, the don’ts, I just, everyone threw up their arms and I just started doing it myselfAnd I’m sure for the first six, nine months I made every possible mistake you can, every amateur thing you could do.</p> <p id="1TFIQa"><strong>This is for the 2006 midterm cycle?</strong></p> <p id="WwDZwV">In 2006只是想帮忙I was helping Mark Gorenberg with win back the House.</p> <p id="wYsABm"><strong>Another venture capitalist in town.</strong></p> <p id="2ISNEl">But he was major political fundraiser</p> <p id="VqKY66"><strong>He’s kind of slowed downHe’s not as ...</strong></p> <p id="8Me6vp">In the last decade, he has自从奥巴马赢得是啊但当时,他曾是克里的加利福尼亚主席我在2012年为奥巴马做了什么,他在2004年为克里做过所以我刚开始帮助他,我刚开始意识到,为应聘者筹集资金与公司筹集资金有很大关系。</p> <p id="sLLwXa">You have to be really passionate about what it is that you’re trying to get people excited about and inspired so much that they’re interested in giving, in whatever appropriate amount it is for them如果你可以使用某些技能,你会在商业的世界里,这是试图把正确的面前问正确的人在正确的时间和尊重,关键字有尊重,那么人们更可能有兴趣参与</p> <p id="uQsVwh">It’s the opposite of this spray-and-pray of sending out an email to 5,000 people or 500,000 people and getting 0.0001 percent to click on it and then give low, medium, high dollars我的反面是相反的我知道,如果我知道某人喜欢气候变化,能够在他们面前举办气候变化活动,我的治疗方式就是尝试如果我知道有人喜欢参加6人,12人的小型亲密活动,那就把它放在他们面前如果我知道有人喜欢参加1000人的重大活动,那就去做吧如果人们愿意旅行,也能够做到这一点</p> <p id="BNPbtS">The big thing was, I’m preempting this here, talking about Obama, but the big event was the Obama-Oprah event in Montecito and Santa Barbara in 2007这是一个我们参与了奥巴马竞选的有这样的兴趣在全国范围内,But you know, I was able to be, after Oprah herself, the largest fundraiser for it, just because there were so many people that would ...</p> <p id="51iOBX"><strong>Oprah and Steve Spinner.</strong></p> <p id="f5LlFp">Yeah, noThere is a cool picture about that, but that’s about the extent of that</p> <p id="w6yjry"><strong>But let’s just drill down a little more on how fundraising is done and what made what you were doing different我的意思是,融资不是不同于基本的人际关系,你想人你知道的,你试着和债券人. .You’re not just going around and saying, “Hello, these are the Forbes 400, let’s ask each of them for $2,700.” Basically you’re using, I’m assuming, I’m sure at first, Silicon Valley, the people you know in town描述问的艺术How’s it done? Pre-RevUp.</strong></p> <p id="vE6MKn">Before RevUp and even before me, historically, for fundraising at very high levels, let’s just talk about the presidential level让我们在2007年谈论奥巴马,因为我刚刚用我关于奥普拉的最后评论将其抢先一步Before 2007, what had happened in 2004, what happened in 2000 and even in the ’90s, a lot times the best “fundraisers” at the time were uber-wealthy individuals who had for many, many years been extremely, exceedingly generous with their own funds, giving to their causes, more importantly giving to others’ causes as well, so that when they got passionate about a candidate that they wanted to see be president and they wanted to open their home and be a fundraiser, that that’s when they would start cashing their chits and say, “Hey, remember when I helped you with your fundraising effort over there? Can I have you help me over here with mine?” And there’s nothing wrong with that, whatsoeverThat’s the way any type of fundraising goes, whether it be philanthropic or political.</p> <p id="uD9fPu">That’s the way it worked because those were big dollars being asked and given by big peopleAnd you do it, law of big numbers, and those were the biggest fundraisers at the time and a lot of them got the perks of it, being the ambassadors and so forth.</p> <p id="DAVf4F"><strong>Sure而且一些大型募捐者是品牌的名字,你知道,世界的George Soroses,世界的奥普拉斯。A lot of these people are celebrities asking other celebrities for money.</strong></p> <p id="6yDvgD">Correct正确的你知道,显然不可能是我我是说,当时我对奥巴马参议员非常兴奋在2007年2月初正式公布之前的几个月,我是参与竞选活动的前50名参与者之一我只是想帮忙Couldn’t do it full time, didn’t want to do it full time, wanted to still have a job, still have a career, but be able to help where I could这是,如果我不能写一张大支票,甚至在他们不能拿走它们的时候你最多可以单独写2,300美元但作为筹款人,我可以提供帮助</p> <p id="3i4dT2">And by being a fundraiser, it meant not calling all these chits because I didn’t have those正如我所提到的那样,只是研究并结识我的朋友当时,我有大约2000人,我知道-广义定义,“知道”-通过LinkedIn和脸谱网。同样,很多年前,这是社交媒体的早期阶段。我只是非常非常小心地理解,我会有大量的笔记,大量关于谁喜欢什么的论文正如我早些时候提到的,喜欢去大事件或小事件或只能写大检查或写小检查谁愿意去参加当时想参加气候变化活动或女性活动的活动</p> <p id="ITEqAE">And I just always tried to be very, very careful to put the right ask in front of the right person at the right timeAnd if you do that, you do that well, then rather than this 0.0001 yield that online does is you get 40 percent yield, 50, 60, 70 percent yield.</p> <p id="c9kkoV"><strong>And obviously, this is a very much an underdog story, but it’s not as if you knew zero people with means in America</strong></p> <p id="yI82OR">Oh, of course不,我的意思是,我知道一些,但我不太了解它们只是当你写作,当你接收电子邮件而你只是自定义它的顶线而你只是认识到它,你知道,“泰迪,很高兴见到你的那一天我知道你对气候变化事件特别感兴趣Here’s a really good one for you.” All of a sudden, you’re going to read that email, you’re going to recognize that that’s a unique email that was sent to you and there is a higher likelihood, a higher yield potential, from that</p> <p id="RUyL62"><strong>Let’s talk about, you were very, very successful我的意思是,我认为在2012,我知道我们正在跳跃一点点,但是2012你是前五名。</strong></p> <p id="FeI1ju">So I started, so in 2007, 2008, I was top 10</p> <p id="Oc7eTr"><strong>Give us a sense of, who were some of the other people in your stratosphere? </strong></p> <p id="l3Hjyb">Well, I mean it wouldn’t be a lot of names that people that follow here would necessarily recognize and so forth但是有很多传统的筹款活动,我是为数不多的初次前30名的人这是我非常骄傲的事</p> <p id="CpIBnj">But what the campaign was really excited [about] was the way that we did it: It was the first time that people had used “data” in a way that now would be defined as data analytics那时候,肯定不是那种分类And you know, they liked that we got some great press around it and it continued the momentum.</p> <p id="8HvVWt">In 2012, I took that to a whole new level2012年,我被报道是全国前三名</p> <p id="zFzzA3"><strong>Got itAnd how much did that raise in retrospect?</strong></p> <p id="7higjy">A lot.</p> <p id="zT8H9z"><strong>A lot好的关于这一点的好处,你可以看到竞选披露,但竞选筹款在某些方面像风险筹款它很有竞争力涉及到一些自尊,谁提出的什么史蒂夫则更加注重提高现在的2700块只是人没有意识到,有一个整体的世界——我们可以进入所谓的软钱,这是超级政治行动委员会和数百万美元这不是你的世界</strong></p> <p id="jT0iY2">That’s not the world I live in我喜欢硬钱,官方,FEC报道的钱,人们为自己的贡献感到骄傲,并且有限制有限制我喜欢一个极限的世界</p> <p id="w4hO1Q">And I would deal with everything from the max of not just the 2,700s but to the committees of the DNCs, the DSCCs, DCCCs, the victory funds and so forth, which would be up to $75,000 in total但不是你读到的这些东西,数十万,肯定是数百万甚至数千万美元这是一个我因职业,政治和个人原因而没有参与过的世界</p> <p id="Gop7gy"><strong>Do you ever step back and reflect on how crazy the last ..我敢肯定,你知道,之前你在谈论过你从未真正做过的事情。you didn’t grow up seeing yourself as a political animalBut you made it into the top tier of finance folks, basically just through hard work and an innovative idea that, “I’m going to be more strategic about how it’s done.”</strong></p> <p id="NCh9uB">But also, and I appreciate that, and there is obviously a great amount of truth to that, but it’s also to do it in a way that is putting the donor first被尊重我说过几次我说无数次尊重在筹款,我不能说,这是多么重要,不仅对我,对那些想要这样做,无论是政治还是非营利组织或学术筹款你做什么,如果你可以尊重对方,你更有可能有一个积极的结果,他们会感到很好</p> <p id="i4D9kN">And then the last thing is that you had mentioned the competitiveness of it绝对从历史上看,它的竞争非常激烈,在某些情况下,它仍然存在What I’ve always enjoyed is working collaboratively, working in teams, sharing credit, that the whole is greater than the individual parts.</p> <p id="TMgS7p">And so it’s not just the individual fundraising I did, but you know, I wrote the business plan for Tech for Obama, wrote the business plan for Obama Victory Trustees, wrote the business plan for South Asians for Obama because, you know, obviously the white Jew in me, that’s obvious that I would write that business plan但这些努力在一起,提高了很多,很多我的倍数作为一个个体但是你这样做是为了让每个人都参与进来每个人都因此而受到赞誉这是大帐篷的事情</p> <p id="Gft7OD">And that’s where the real value of what I was able to do came in因为你知道,我的时间,只有一定的时间我可以放在作为志愿者募捐,只有很多人我知道But if you can build initiatives that take hold, that grow roots and that, not just one or five or 10 or 20 people, but 100 or 300 people can participate in and they can make it their own, then you can have this huge, huge, huge multiplier effect and raise that much more money</p> <p id="XiR5JU"><strong>So let’s finish the story here所以在2012年之后,你已经开创了这种新方式,你仍然在自愿筹款</strong></p> <p id="UkzPuD">I’m still doing it manually</p> <p id="lgokIP"><strong>Still looking at it manuallyThis is, and remember, you didn’t grow up dreaming of inventing political fundraising software.</strong></p> <p id="UxHpZ2">Absolutely not.</p> <p id="LUde4W"><strong>How did this idea for RevUp come about? </strong></p> <p id="i7Fc3F">So one of my closest friends is Ro Khanna, and he had been running for Congress显然,我想帮助他。I was helping him on the fundraising side, and a lot of opportunity came up where people had been reaching out to me about what I’d been doing for Obama and would that be available, would I help them individually for this race or that race, etcIt’s just one of those things where there’s only one of me and as flattering as it is I don’t like to say no, but I just don’t have enough time to say yes to everyone.</p> <p id="hPLXAP"><strong>What’s your day job at this point?</strong></p> <p id="fp1sHW">At that time I was helping ..Well, I helped with Obama with the re-elect and I was planning what to do next.</p> <p id="2BFweE"><strong>Kind of stewing, yeah.</strong></p> <p id="fVRRa6">Yeah, so I was helping Ro from a campaign perspective, but I was getting ready to either join a tech company out here or start my next thing.</p> <p id="48ML15"><strong>Got it.</strong></p> <p id="WQjE8H">So in that period of time of figuring out what I wanted to do next, I realized what we had done, what we had accomplished for Obama-world had been really unique and really successful这是我做过的独一无二的事情,可能会有机会帮助很多很多战役。这就是我想要做的,所以我们开始这样做</p> <p id="AaSmKa">Spoke to the lawyers, made sure that we could do it the way that we wanted to do it because it had never been done before, spoke to both sides of the aisle because the only way you could do what I wanted to do was if it was <em>not</em> a partisan playEven though I’m a Democrat and I’m a well-known Democrat, from the get-go, since incorporation, we had to treat it like a tech company, which means, just like Google and Twitter and Facebook and Salesforce works with anyone out there that wants to buy the software or leverage the technology, we would have to be the same thing在政治上对我来说是一个挑战,但在专业和个人方面,你必须......I mean you have to do ...</p> <p id="NemucQ"><strong>TotallyYeah, right.</strong></p> <p id="Mty432">Yeah, I have a fiduciary responsibility to do what’s best for the company and for investors如果它只是让更多的人使用它并测试等等,那么产品可以蓬勃发展,所以Ro是我们的,他是我们的原型客户,然后我们在明年转移到15个客户然后我们转移到50个客户These are clients or campaigns or committees or organizations that are trying to raise money that are in the political sector.</p> <p id="RhXtan"><strong>This is 2013?</strong></p> <p id="OkLRN7">No, 2014.</p> <p id="9jjNDM"><strong>2014, okay.</strong></p> <p id="V2Mmxq">The idea came to me in 2013, but we started building the software in February of 2014So as I said, Ro was our prototype in that year.</p> <p id="Cjue5K"><strong>Ro is now, </strong><a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/10/6/17944798/ro-khanna-internet-bill-rights-kara-swisher-new-york-times-recode-decode-podcast"><strong>he’s been on the podcast before</strong></a><strong>He’s now the Congressman for Silicon Valley.</strong></p> <p id="OFf7nz">He isHe loves coming down here.</p> <p id="LHtC85"><strong>Good让我们给他们一点这是什么在过去,有专业的政治筹款人可能有他们称之为软件的东西What is RevUp and how does it work? I know it’d be easier if you showed me on your phone or computer screens, but verbally, let’s give it a shot.</strong></p> <p id="5QxHCd">Oh, I can communicate it verbally对于任何人听,想象你的人. .你的灵感来自一个候选人或你的灵感帮助非营利或你认识的人达到了你从一个活动或从你的大学,你去或非营利组织,你支持,和绳索你,带给您的是筹款软件的初始用例是作为一个志愿者的筹集资金的工具,“打包机,”他们叫他们如果你把自己放在光作为每个人的想象,你们都有工作你为你的生活做点别的如果你要这样做,这不是安慰It’s outside of your day job</p> <p id="uihejC">So you’ve committed, you’ve said, “Yes, I’ll help.” And you’re sitting in front of your computer and you have no idea who you should ask, to helpWe all know many people, everyone knows hundreds of people, some of us even know thousands of peopleWell, what do you do? You have two choices你可以发送一封关于你筹款机会的电子邮件给每个人。这不是筹款,这是垃圾邮件你的网络,并希望有人回应But that’s actually what the vast, vast, vast majority of people do.</p> <p id="wHpg5c"><strong>BCC, “Hi, I’m trying to raise a million dollars for candidate X.”</strong></p> <p id="JpJImo">Exactly.</p> <p id="YWpzXe"><strong>“Can you give 2,700 bucks?”</strong></p> <p id="8VrUvP">Or $27.</p> <p id="Hi2LTz"><strong>Yeah, right.</strong></p> <p id="nyDOKT">Or $5这是垃圾邮件你的网络无论你提出什么,所以在这种情况下,你是筹款人A lot of times most of it you won’t get and ...</p> <p id="rjgPxT"><strong>That’s a low-dollar approach to high-dollar giving.</strong></p> <p id="7WyvTY">Right, but anyone that’s doing it, it’s an any-dollar approach.</p> <p id="o7aRX0"><strong>Yeah, an any-dollar approach.</strong></p> <p id="H3l0iQ">It’s the only way that they know how because their time is valuable and they have no information to know any better, to do any better他们做最好的,他们可以用有限的信息这就是重点The other way of doing it is that you say, “You know what, an individual ask or an individual email or an email to a small group of people that’s customized is likely to have a higher yield.” </p> <p id="xqqNHm">But who should I ask? I still know the same thousands of people所以你坐在那里,你开始思考你的Rolodex,或者在这里思考你的心理联系人列表,甚至你甚至可能甚至可以浏览你的LinkedIn列表等等You’re one by one by one going through this, and as you’re doing it, you’re like, “This is the most unprofessional, inefficient way possible.” And you get frustrated and you push your computer away and you procrastinate.</p> <p id="t9JTyg">That simple act of procrastination causes that fundraising effort to fail by 50 percent, right there, and every day that you continue to procrastinate, add another 5 percent to the failure rate直到最后,最终你会说,“噢,我的上帝,这个活动只有六天,我还没有做多少I gotta buckle down and do it.” </p> <p id="fv59Gb">You start just reaching out to top-of-mind people that come to you, people that you think are individually wealthy, people that you think individually might be interested in this, people that owe you chits, just completely top of mindAs you’re doing it, you’re like, “95 percent of the people I should be reaching out to I’m not reaching out to, and I’m reaching out to a whole bunch of people that I probably shouldn’t be reaching out to我永远不会再这样做了。“通常,它失败了</p> <p id="tVC2wn">So with that in mind we said, “That’s the problem.” No one in business would conduct their work that way, just winging it, sending out one email to every vendor out there and hoping that someone replies or just, without any research, reaching out to people indiscriminatelyWe would do research我们将努力处理在一个专业、高效的方式我们不会在筹款方面这样做</p> <p id="m7cLek">So what the software does is we said ..所以它是募捐方面的数据分析<em>不是</ em>记录系统这不是CRMWe don’t compete with any of the companies out there that take the money through their system.</p> <p id="KLlKxs"><strong>You’re not actually raising the moneyIt’s a way to organize the contacts for raising money.</strong></p> <p id="VL2w15">We’re not the links that the money’s going into, and so there are a bunch of different companies out there of all different sizes那些都是我们的合作伙伴我们非常非常小心,不做那样的事。我们所做的是帮助募捐活动,或者现在我们也帮助 - 甚至是 - 财务人员,开发人员,推进办公室也不成比例地帮助The tool now has transitioned even more so into a staff-driven set of tools.</p> <p id="KPmg3H"><strong>We’ll talk about what are you guys doing in the future.</strong></p> <p id="aFZ6QC">Yeah那是 ..现在,作为捆绑商,现在只需点击一下即可上传您的Gmail,Outlook,LinkedIn,联系人,iPhone联系人以及任何Excel电子表格CSV列表。If you know thousands of people, it will merge, purge, de-dupe them, clean them all up, single Rolodex.</p> <p id="qBorh2">And then it goes out to thousands of political and charitable databases and it will bring all that data, put it against your contacts, put it against the profile of the organization that you’re raising for, and based on that profile of that organization and all those 10,000 databases, will then force rank every single person you know highest to lowest likelihood to be interested in potentially giving.</p> <p id="goR9EX"><strong>So at that point it’s like ..让我们说你正在筹集Ro Khanna的竞选活动,而你在帕洛阿尔托有一个医生,有时会向民主党国会候选人提供资金,而不是总是也许他们是南亚人,然后就匹配了,好吧,Ro Khanna,他是新的候选人他是南亚,它匹配起来,说,“好吧,也许这个人. .they should be in the 75th percentile for the people you call.” </strong></p> <p id="o4jzZF"><strong>Then someone else who has only given to Republicans for their entire life but the last six years they’ve given to every single Democrats, suddenly it’s an easy askIt’s basically a way of ordering the thousands of people you know into how you should prioritize your time.</strong></p> <p id="jC3dvL">Right我特别喜欢的部分不是一遍又一遍地回到同一个井这是政治捐赠中一个主要的主要问题,就是同一天的人每天都会多次受到打击If you can believe this, only 2 percent of the US population gives money to politics.</p> <p id="gbg2q4"><strong>That’s higher than I thought, actually.</strong></p> <p id="5vMTgE">Most of that money is by .1 of 1 percent.</p> <p id="9VhAmn"><strong>Sure.</strong></p> <p id="sT2zQn">And so everyone calls the same folks and everyone really, really calls that .1 percentSo yes, this software will certainly have that 2 percent in there and certainly will have the .1 percent in there and it’ll say, have they given before but they haven’t given currently? Have they given less now than they normally give? So go back and ask for moreHave they given to other things like you, but they don’t know you, so maybe if they only knew you, they’d want to give to you? </p> <p id="2KkNdf">Absolutely, we go, and there’s many different types of filters and parts of the algorithm that will boost people up and boost people down, of people that have historically given绝对我的热情是追求其他98%,将它介绍给以前从未给过的人Ro Khanna的例子,正如你刚才提到的Sure, there are some wonderful donors in the tech and the South Asian community that have given to politics before ...</p> <p id="95phUu"><strong>Those are the obvious people.</strong></p> <p id="fSBebo">And those have been some of his donors.</p> <p id="UVC8F7"><strong>Those would be like the top-of-mind personMaybe that person doesn’t even need the software for that person.</strong></p> <p id="NEPrFV">ExactlyWell no, you always need the software ...</p> <p id="QiLyYK"><strong>You have to be clear, yeah.</strong></p> <p id="FMeuvx">You always need to know in what order and how fast and what’s the likelihood and what’s the appropriate ask and all that good stuff再一次,你要在这里恭敬但的力量去识别人< em >从不< / em >写了检查,在没有人的名单,但也许因为他们是南亚洲男性科技生活在硅谷,而不是90或80或70的分数,而不是得到一个零分,或许你得到43分在60年代,50年代和40年代,您将时间和精力集中在人们身上没有人交谈的人,没有人伸出援助之手</p> <p id="y3NyKC">Most people don’t even know they exist, but because there are hooks, respectful hooks of potential interests, of attractiveness, of a connection that that campaign or that organization or that university might have with that person, isn’t it a better thing to grow the pie and go after people that nobody goes out to, and there’s a much higher likelihood of them saying yes because there’s no competition for the same dollar?</p> <p id="OKSIFl"><strong>Wouldn’t the pushback be, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before, that part of any human relationship is just the soft touch and the ability to ..也许有一些,哦,你知道的,他们不检查任何统计或历史属性表明这个人的可能,但也许你只是很好的朋友,他们和你的感觉..Or maybe you saw them last week at the coffee shop and there was just that human connection that the software can’t predictHow do you deal with that?</strong></p> <p id="YjJPuC">Look, you should always preference people you know and touch points that are more current and more accurateSo if you know things about people that are outside of software, that trumps anything that any software will give you.</p> <p id="ii0msu"><strong>So even if it says “this person’s not a giver” and you just have a, maybe just something in your belly that makes you think this person will give, you should still hit them up.</strong></p> <p id="PIkYgF">Right他们不是给予者,<em>还是</ em>这就是整个事情他们还没有给出我发现这部分既是机遇也是挑战,我喜欢机会部分</p> <p id="xNdkYU"><strong>Let’s talk a little bit about what you’re doing now你们刚刚筹集了750万美元You announced it last week or a couple weeks ago.</strong></p> <p id="qJH7Go">Yep, about a week ago.</p> <p id="QRGvog"><strong>By the time this is airing, probably a couple weeks ago你的背景是政治,这是一个政治观点,但你提到了发展办公室,捐赠基金。Just for the grand scheme of things, political fundraising is a very small amount of the fundraising world, overall.</strong></p> <p id="UNuoXU">Correct.</p> <p id="Sxn5Cb"><strong>So this is a bid to make the Princeton University development office or a hospital or anybody that’s raising money, you’re now pitching this as a software for anybody who has to cull a database and figure out who to call.</strong></p> <p id="sZhCtu">Exactly如果你想给去年在美国和筹款,去,越过4000亿美元,这个国家是慷慨的打开他们的钱包和给予Of that, only 7 billion, in total, over two years in this cycle goes to politics.</p> <p id="0jfBFG"><strong>People act like ..that’s always the common criticism of campaign finance reformers, who say there’s so much money in politics, and I think it’s Mitch McConnell or maybe John Boehner who has this quote about more money being spent on toothpaste than on politics.</strong></p> <p id="NSJN1G">Exactly不幸的是,这是真的之所以感觉如此,就是在广播电视上使用了这么多钱,因为它在发布信息方面仍然非常有效,所以每个人都能看到它所以他们看到更多的钱,更多的广告,而你只是被广告过度饱和了。</p> <p id="70cCqY">The other reason why is that a very, very small percent of the population is just getting hit up so much and they’re very, very vocal about that, as they should be这就是为什么你会得到这样的观点更大的市场,许多数量级,是非营利组织,特别是像你提到的,高等教育和医疗保健是非常大的组件中这就是我们正在使用的软件</p> <p id="hBs2SG">We’ve had a very successful couple years coming out with first our prototype, our alpha, our beta, coming out of self mode a couple years ago growing我们现在服务了将近300个运动和委员会等等。我们会继续增长</p> <p id="Wiv5kO">Next year will be super-exciting given that it will be a presidential cycle and so many races as well there, but we did do the financing to very specifically go into the larger markets and do what we do in data analytics, working with the CRMs, with them as partners, but now go into these larger categories and do exactly what we’ve done in politics into these larger categories, because they’re chomping at the bit for next-generation type of tools.</p> <p id="UAdET6"><strong>These are pretty, not stodgy institutions but these are, they have the formal development officesThese are ..Is there any party that worries about just some of the skills not translating or some of the software not translating?</strong></p> <p id="7ThSzW">I mean, look每个人都以自己的方式做事当然,很多这些组织都是如此做的最佳实践,而且这些人都非常非常专业The larger the organization, the more people they have and the more structured they tend to be结果,他们就越专业他们有更多的员工,他们可以拥有更多的工具,他们可以接受更多的培训等</p> <p id="mMKDiI">But there are half a million nonprofits每个人都在提高这只取决于你有多少资源在您的处置,所以我们只想做一个工具来补充他们目前使用的I know a lot of these guys are using, whether it be Raiser’s Edge or Blackbaud or they’re working with Salesforce and probably a hundred other companies out there as a system of record to be able to help them on the data analytics side for both staff as well as volunteers to have the same level of effect in those verticals as I’m honored to say that we’ve had success this last few years</p> <p id="bkAkYo">We’ve been just blessed with all the awards in the industry that we’ve won我们赢得了最佳融资技术,最创新的产品连续两年,最好的公司,最好的分析去年我们部署移动应用我们赢得了最佳移动应用奖</p> <p id="b9Nq9s">What we’re doing as a data analytics company has not been done before in these three verticals, and what I’m super proud of, where I’ve lived for the past two decades, is to be a Silicon Valley company bringing Silicon Valley tech to these three verticals that have historically not had the opportunity to benefit from that, at least from a data analytics perspective.</p> <p id="KoHrJC"><strong>It’s well known on the internet that you’re a Democrat但这是你肯定使用的软件,还有一些知名共和党的客户Describe how much you do politically, personally, these days? </strong></p> <p id="kOuEkd">Yeah我不得不减少在许多情况下,对我来说这是非常困难在个人层面上,因为这是我的《创世纪》在这一切的事但是,例如,明年我们将参与总统竞选I won’t, as an individual, be able to participate because how can I be personally helping one when I’m working with 5, 10, 15, 20 people that may or may not be running? </p> <p id="IfUdZm"><strong>Sure</strong></p> <p id="auVWzH">On a personal level I’ve had to do some cutting back我的意思是,我仍然帮助这里的候选人或候选</p> <p id="XUdZ0x"><strong>Obviously you’re still involved with Ro Khanna</strong></p> <p id="7XMJq3">I’m still helping Ro在德克萨斯州休斯顿,这个家伙是Sri Kulkarni,他是一个非常非常令人兴奋的候选人,基本上是外交政策方面的Ro等价物他已经14年在国务院工作了,而且有很多不同的、非常具有挑战性的环境,这些年来他一直处于这样的位置他流利地说六种语言。那是一个非常令人兴奋的候选人,在休斯敦地区运行我一直在帮助他们</p> <p id="6dftrU">I still help a number of candidates here or thereBut, where I really, really dug in and was National Finance Committee and chairman of this, or co-chairman of that, and so forth, I probably won’t be able to do.</p> <p id="vDg8oU"><strong>Give up those fancy titles.</strong></p> <p id="Bqu5B3">How can you do that when you’re helping them from a professional purposes? That’s the whole point, which is that’s how I can work with Republicans as well as Democrats这就是我在同一场比赛中与多名民主党人合作的方式</p> <p id="O5zdUf"><strong>Because they can all use the software</strong></p> <p id="4dWjFL">Right我们在加州,在民主党方面会有比赛有四,五,六国会选区候选人在同一种族,我们刚刚经历了过去的一年半今年6月,大部分的,除了一个或两个将失去但我们能够帮助它们的倍数,因为我们只是一家科技公司所以,如果你选择独家,那么你就是在挑选马匹你真的不是一家科技公司</p> <p id="4OHnEL"><strong>And then you’re part of the advocacy apparatus</strong></p> <p id="Lax5W3">YeahYou can’t build a ...</p> <p id="SpOzfn"><strong>You’re trying to be a Google or Facebook software platform that folks can use or not useThat’s independent, though, from, “Hi, I’m Steve Spinner, I was on the Obama Finance Committee.” </strong></p> <p id="ftxqeH">Exactly, exactly这是人们信任你,你就要像对待其他人一样因为你对待每个人都一样的唯一方法We try our best from a customer service or partner success perspective you treat everyone exactly the same.</p> <p id="IEiRRt">People that know that we have multiple clients in the same sector, it’s never been an issue in four years知道我们有时客户位于过道对面的人,这在四年内从未成为问题我认为这是我真正最自豪的事情之一,因为我是一个自豪的民主党人我是一个正式的,scar-ridden民主党,我可以会见共和党人I mean, where did I meet you, Teddy, originally? I met you ...</p> <p id="zcfroU"><strong>I think it was the Mitt Romney E2 Conference</strong></p> <p id="OXyDlz">Exactly</p> <p id="yNOfRG"><strong>Which I was covering when I was at at CNN我想谈谈筹款如何随着时间的推移而发生一些变化你开始在2005年,这是pre-Citizens曼联这是最高法院制定超级PAC的关键决定之一我认为媒体上有很多讨论我的行业里的人过去一直在为政治金钱买单,特朗普是不是通过募捐改变了游戏?我只是好奇而已We’re coming up on the 2020 cycle, is fundraising different than it was a decade ago? </strong></p> <p id="wu8i7T">It’s much larger</p> <p id="ld65u7"><strong>Sure</strong></p> <p id="tTig38">I mean it’s much, much larger它比它更成功的在线每四年,它穿过你得到这个新的酒吧,你不认为它可以得到任何比这更成功当然,四年后它的价格是以前的两倍所以是的,它继续发展还有很长很长的路要走有一定数量的喷雾和祈祷结婚盲目融资增加了列表的大小,你不关心</p> <p id="yLHZEw"><strong>Right这是在线,低美元</strong></p> <p id="KkAQVV">Yeah</p> <p id="4MIPdC"><strong>You’re on the Beto O’Rourke email list这是一个完整的行业那不是你的行业</strong></p> <p id="YdqdAi">It’s not me at all</p> <p id="vjiWeP"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="LyH7l5">I can’t stand it</p> <p id="YnByWb"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="ydKYLS">But, it’s the opposite of the respect part that I talk about</p> <p id="Nf6Eg2"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="zz53av">How many hundreds of fundraising emails do we all get every day? We delete 99 percent of them</p> <p id="t5xXDR"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="o1IqIK">That I can’t stand</p> <p id="mo94uF"><strong>They also have lots of screaming headlines like, “The country’s in crisis!”</strong></p> <p id="TBGKo1">That’s actually one of the things that’s helped worsen the narrative in politics这是双方的每个人都痘痘</p> <p id="7hzKSC"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="kucXNP">The big changes that have happened — and there are many people that would say this and I’m not the only one — is Democrats historically always had a huge, huge advantage with small-dollar online donating开始在2004年与霍华德·迪恩只是捡起,至今</p> <p id="H7ehdl">For the first time ever in the last couple of years the Republicans with Donald Trump was able to do a certain amount of that and do it quite effectively in 2015, especially in 2016持续的通过这个循环,通过筹款,他们所做的共和党全国委员会但之外,一个异常在共和党方面,仍存在着巨大的差异,一个巨大的竞争优势的小美元民主党比共和党方面</p> <p id="WlSpaD">The other thing is that Democrats have ActBlue, which really is a ...</p> <p id="QTEHth"><strong>It’s like a portalDo you want to describe it?</strong></p> <p id="JW2mEA">It is这只是一种方法,能够使多个捐款,随着时间的推移,存储您的所有信息,提出建议等对民主党来说,这是非常非常成功的他们有一个叫NGP厢式车的公司,它是我们的合作伙伴之一。这也非常非常擅长成为记录系统</p> <p id="SORYM8">And so, the technology has always been, historically, an advantage on the Dems side, especially as it deals with small dollars在大美元,尤其是在纸币美元,共和党人在历史上一直领先,尤其是显然自从联合公民</p> <p id="AC4Gc5"><strong>Yeah, I just want to explain it for folks我的意思是,基本上,今天筹集大量竞选资金的方式,以及他们在公民联合会之前真正筹集的唯一方式是,联邦限制了捐赠者可以为竞选活动或委员会提供多少资金联合公民之后,他们创造了超级政治行动委员会的创建现金池,人们可以削减无限大小的支票这就是很多引人注目的故事Peter Thiel给予一百万美元增长俱乐部,或谢尔登•埃德森(Sheldon Adelson)捐赠2500万美元由参议院超级PAC这就是人们在阅读竞选金融故事时所想到的,但也只有这样。显然不是什么我的意思是2700美元,但它不是从谢尔登•埃德森(Sheldon Adelson)25</strong></p> <p id="YQBsjq">Right你有超级PAC,你可以无限制地写,并且已经公开了</p> <p id="imC5Lp"><strong>Correct</strong></p> <p id="EDY2Dg">There’s also write-unlimited and it’s still not disclosed and that’s what they call “dark money.” Thankfully, that’s decreased, but that’s just still something I’m very, very uncomfortable with, and many, many people are very, very uncomfortable with because of lack of disclosure</p> <p id="5PAJWa"><strong>Right我的意思是,有些民主党人越来越喜欢…这是Charles和David Koch的缩影,他创建了大量的501C4s组织,所以他们获得了某种免税,以换取理论上的非倡导组织</strong></p> <p id="ZiMEEd">Right但问题是,我总是非常的保护和防御捐助者给硬钱时最大当我说,“保护”,这意味着他们可以这样做如果他们想做一次,很好,如果他们想做2500次他们应该被允许这样做他们不应该被捐赠我一直有一个问题当捐赠者得到当他们得到批评,因为他们支持</p> <p id="8f2ECg"><strong>This is all public information</strong></p> <p id="7NNJX1">It’s all public information他们是必须的,但他们正在做他们被允许做的事情,因为他们受到鼓舞去做有一些关于候选人,他们喜欢很多他们不一定能给时间他们不一定能为他们旅行,但他们可以写250美元他们可以写2700美元他们不应该成为攻击性广告的一部分,有些人这样做。</p> <p id="bGUr41"><strong>To be fair, this is on both sides, right? I mean there are ...</strong></p> <p id="FcAxBL">Well, no历史上,民主党人通常在共和党一方但真正变坏的地方在于更大的支票,软钱现在那些家伙正在写大支票而且他们受到了打击在许多情况下,他们就应该被击中我喜欢保护最高,2700美元,然后超过这个,这是捐赠者的自由裁量权</p> <p id="BZtN7N"><strong>This did change with Harry Reid… Charles and David Koch, for instance, did not used to be household names他们显然非常富有But, this became a big deal with Harry Reid, who went out there and attacked the Kochs during the 2012 campaign-</strong></p> <p id="Y6fMKk">Correct</p> <p id="su8FlI"><strong>..by name, I think, on the Senate floor</strong></p> <p id="LQJFUY">That’s on the soft money</p> <p id="Ldn3Kn"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="xGw8x5">On the big seven, eight, nine figures.</p> <p id="ZWyNWl"><strong>Sure.</strong></p> <p id="csVdoS">I’m always very, very protective of when they-</p> <p id="8ZeGMQ"><strong>Someone expressing their democratic right to give $2,700 bucks</strong></p> <p id="6D8thF">Or $250</p> <p id="9EB1dk"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="7rJh9H">I actually saw a Dem-on-Dem hit piece last week right here in the Bay Area两位民主党人,一场集会比赛,我看到有人在网上发帖,他们只是因为他们支持另一位候选人而打了250美元,500美元或1000美元的人这真的令我心烦</p> <p id="EJWLRb"><strong>Yeah, I think it’s $200, right? Beyond that, that’s when you start getting named in campaign finance reforms</strong></p> <p id="Xtoigh">Above $200, yes</p> <p id="HwbmIO"><strong>Right, okay</strong></p> <p id="ZFZYLe">You have to disclose</p> <p id="8rxIv2"><strong>For folks out there, yeah, if you give more than $200 you will be findable by people like me, and I guess people like Steven, and other folks as well</strong></p> <p id="YYuPuB"></p> <p id="jUsEj1"><strong>Trump, I mean this is mostly on the Republican side, there’s an argument to be made我写了很多关于特朗普筹款困难的故事在2016年期间,有很多共和党捐款人像罗姆尼峰会上的人我们只是谈论谁感觉胜过对系统运行,排干沼泽至少我认为这是导致一些崭露头角的传统智慧,政治筹款并不重要了Trump can just hog the airways大概,筹集资金的目的是购买媒体的关注To what extent do you think he has actually changed how political fundraising could be done at least? </strong></p> <p id="Qi7zYz">I mean, this is a much longer conversation than the last few minutes of this他绝对改变了它的某些方面But I do not believe that in the next cycle for the re-elect if he is the candidate on the Republican side, that the media will do in that race, even as a sitting president, what they did in the last one because it was comedy</p> <p id="WBMY0v"><strong>In terms of campaign coverage</strong></p> <p id="SH1seS">Yeah.</p> <p id="rq6qY6"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="dq46lO">I mean it was Trump 24 hours a day on all networks, not just on the Foxes, but he was also on MSNBC all the time</p> <p id="oSnUkq"><strong>Sure</strong></p> <p id="xTlUuB">As a sitting president, they’re even now starting to cut backThere’s been a lot of news about that over the last month, month and a half that one of the reasons why-</p> <p id="AUMOrf"><strong>The rallies aren’t getting live anymore</strong></p> <p id="49vlgD">Well, one of the reasons why the president’s going out so much is because a lot of his comments are not getting covered as much, and the rallies, even those are not getting covered as much所以,他试图说出具有新闻价值的事情,或者他试图让他们有新闻价值迫使他像昨晚在蒙大拿州所做的那样得到报道,因为人们试图削减它,因为他们意识到这是一个不公平的优势我是说他不成比例地赢了。嗯,上轮特朗普获胜的原因有很多,其中之一就是他赚了很多媒体钱,他不必花一分钱买,比他最接近的竞争对手多出10倍,比其他一些竞争者多出100倍。</p> <p id="TeAhFY"><strong>So you don’t feel like that was a moment in time, that Trump was — maybe there was a media fascination with him? He obviously also self-funded somewhat他几乎完全自己资助了他的共和党初选他给了一些钱,而不是他承诺在将军期间给予他的竞选活动但是,至少在初选中,我的意思是,他筋疲力尽的这就是重点He loved to make fun of Jeb Bush, right? </strong></p> <p id="wgL5br">Right但这就是他如何能够弥补不足之处</p> <p id="BEqpwx"><strong>Right</strong></p> <p id="AjoUAG">He did fund himself to the level that he need to get in the game</p> <p id="8Pw9yh"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="Ux4RCZ">And have a team that he needed但他能够通过他的评论来弥补这一点,这使他得到了所有这些额外的媒体他在舞台上的名字比其他任何人都要高。</p> <p id="SBfCxo"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="tNbRux">And so, when you start out with just by your name ID from TV, from “The Apprentice,” being able to have 15, 17, 18 percent support, and name ID of 35, 45, maybe even up to 60 percent name ID, how is anyone else supposed to be able to compete with that?</p> <p id="1oDs7J"><strong>YeahYou see that as not necessarily that consequential for the way that your business of political fundraising has done? </strong></p> <p id="QhAx26">No, not for me我的意思是你还需要资助你的广告系列The part that actually gets me excited from a RevUp perspective is, historically money is the number one, and the only one that matters in, do you make a decision to run for office, or not? Can I raise the money? And if you believe you can raise the money, then you raise your hand, and you run for office我真的讨厌它我认为钱应该< em > < / em >是你决定参加竞选的原因它应该只是执行计划的一部分你应该竞选公职,因为你认为你可以做得更好,你可以帮助别人,你可以让我们朝着积极的方向前进。RevUp能做什么在政治,尤其是RevUp能做什么对非营利组织和大学对你来说是降低酒吧更容易能够筹集所需的资金,如果你是一个候选人,运行竞争赛跑</p> <p id="Z88MZQ"><strong>RightDo you agree in general with the idea that money is necessary but not sufficient for competitiveness?</strong></p> <p id="5qsaky">Yes, yes你不需要有相同的数量你绝对不需要有相同的金额</p> <p id="EdJLUr"><strong>Well, there’s a minimum threshold for ..Beto O'Rourke一个月内不需要3800万美元才能成为有竞争力的候选人他可能输了</strong></p> <p id="fVuVEI">Absolutely, but yeah, absolutely, or you can have races where you’re raising 28 million dollars and you lose like crazy to someone who you’ve raised three, four times more money你可以举办其他种族,你筹集了一百万美元,这是另一个人的金额的四分之一,你轻松获胜</p> <p id="dCS7uO"><strong>Yeah</strong></p> <p id="R1693d">But you have to raise a certain amount to get in the game你必须提高能够有一个团队,能够得到您的消息绝对还有其他重要的事情这就是为什么它被称为运动它有很多方面,但是金钱会让你进入游戏这就是RevUp在政治上的重点,就是降低门槛,让你更容易地提高最低限度,以便你能够进行有竞争力的比赛。同样的事情,为非营利组织和大学完成整个任务和章程</p> <p id="QnzZ7E"><strong>Right这并不意味着你会赢,但至少你可以玩这种游戏</strong></p> <p id="oTOHcx">Exactly</p> <p id="tmrYHe"><strong>Steve, fascinating conversation, and thanks for coming on the show</strong></p> <aside id="cf7bxY"><div data-anthem-component="newsletter" data-anthem-component-data='{"slug":"recode_daily"}'></div></aside> http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/12/18088526/steve -转轮revup -政治-融资-中期选举总统- 2020 -泰迪schleifer解码-播客 埃里克•约翰逊 2018-11-12T13:53:44-05:00 2018-11-12T13:53:44-05:00 exec建造Snapchat发现离开公司 <img alt="Snapchat VP of Content Nick Bell" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/YzE_nkw-sd9qfU1u_PhcMtkUfXQ=/324x0:6767x4832/1310x983/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/62282171/881738618.jpg.0.jpg" /> <p>Nick Bell is stepping down following some recent management changes and four-plus tumultuous years</ p> <p id =“iDiepP”> Snap的内容副总裁兼制作Snapchat发现部分的人Nick Bell将离开公司</p> <p id="W7yycU">Bell, who has worked at Snap for more than four years, announced his departure internally on Monday morning</p> <p id="uAKduG">“After nearly 5 years and a once in a lifetime ride, I have let Evan know that I am leaving Snap to take some time off to recharge before deciding on my next adventure,” he said in an email to colleagues</p> <p id="CikcVA"><a href="https://cheddar.com/videos/snap-vp-content-nick-bell-to-leave">Cheddar</a> first broke the news</p> <p id="iSJCqT">Bell was responsible for all of Snap’s content and partnerships, which included deals for original video and stories that appear in Snapchat’s Discover sectionSnap has a number of deals in place with high-profile publishers like ESPN, the Daily Mail, NBC and the NFL, and is also working on a <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/10/10/17957984/snapchat-tv-shows-originals-launch">slate of new original shows exclusive to Snapchat</a>Discover当然也有它的缺点,很多内容最近几年都觉得很生动,很小报,但是Snapchat和一些出版商仍然从这些交易中赚钱。</p> <p id="AkYQFi">Bell was on the <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/10/25/18020742/nick-bell-snapchat-snap-stories-discover-instagram-youtube-vine-kurt-wagner-recode-media-podcast"><strong>Recode Media</strong> podcast last month</a>, and we asked if he was planning to stick around for a while</p> <p id="nCZ8bo">“I will be at Snap as long as I feel super excited about the company and as long as I feel super excited about what I’m doing day to day,” he said“现在,你知道,我们今天谈论了一些这样的事情。Right now I’m having a blast and I’m excited about this stuff we’re launching towards the end of this year.”</p> <p id="TwunVJ">Of course, that’s the kind of thing people say when they aren’t ready to announce that they’re leaving their job但它仍然会带来一些尴尬的问题Is he no longer “super excited” about what Snap is doing on the content side? If not, why not? And what happened in the past month to change that?</p> <p id="GfXhRl">There is one theory在Snap的四年多时间里,贝尔向首席执行官埃文·斯皮格尔报告But Snap just <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/10/24/18018836/snap-imran-khan-replacement-hire-amazon-jeremi-gorman-jared-grusd">brought in two new executives</a> to replace the <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/12/18085266/imran-khan-new-startup-commerce-snapchat">recently departed Imran Khan</a>, Spiegel’s No二其中一位高管杰瑞德·格鲁斯(Jared Grusd)是Snap新任首席战略官,负责监督所有合作伙伴关系和内容Bell was likely going to report to Grusd, not Spiegel, moving forward.</p> <p id="lDDPzL">On the other hand, discussions that Bell might be leaving had been going around the media industry for months根据一位消息人士的说法,他积极参与将Grusd带到Snapchat,所以有可能Grusd总是打算成为Bell的替代品。Why they couldn’t just say that when Grusd joined, I don’t know.</p> <p id="RzoVCj">Either way, Bell leaves at a time of transition for Snap’s executive team, and there’s no denying that he lived through four-plus roller-coaster years at the company</p> <p id="6cN6KG">“We are so grateful for Nick and everything he has built at Snap,” Spiegel said in a statement provided to <strong>Recode</strong>“这是一个令人难以置信的旅程,从我们对移动内容的愿景开始。今天,更多的人在Snap上观看比以往更多的优质内容,我们对Snap Originals看到的势头感到非常兴奋We will miss Nick, and we wish him all the best.”</p> <aside id="SHoC5l"><div data-anthem-component="newsletter" data-anthem-component-data='{"slug":"recode_daily"}'></div></aside><p id="zdkztK"></p> <p id="MYsrhu"></p> <p id="xS7s9L"></p> http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/12/18088412/nick-bell-snap-departs-discover 库尔特瓦格纳 2018-11-12T11:04:49-05:00 2018-11-12T11:04:49-05:00 亚马逊在线占据主导地位,但本地零售仍然具有Jeff Bezos无法复制的优势 <img alt="" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/X4trWqpjqKNa5Gu1zxYN2VMtrTM=/281x0:4692x3308/1310x983/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/62277781/1062562900.jpg.0.jpg" /> <p>Sometimes it’s worth putting on your shoes and taking a walk.</p> <p id="dmIjA5">The retail battle with Amazon is everywhere, but for me it is raging on 14th Street NW in Washington, D.C正是在这里,我发现只有三个单一口袋的抵抗网络零售巨头,这一天正在进军所有人和所有人And, even more so here since it seems that <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/6/18067938/amazon-hq2-headquarters-crystal-city-long-island-city-virginia-new-york">one of the much-hyped new headquarters of Amazon</a> will also be near, <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/3/18059186/amazons-potential-virginia-hq2-headquarters-location">just a few miles across the Potomac River in Crystal City</a>.</p> <p id="je3Tae">But, first, let me set it up: 14th Street NW is a major thoroughfare cutting through the Logan Circle-Shaw neighborhoods right near a small house I just bought recently due to my frequent visits自从我上次住在D.C以来,该地区经历了一次重大的高档化在20世纪90年代,现在它充满了新公寓、时尚餐厅和酒吧。And, of course, hip stores, both chain and local, all to serve the scads of millennials who roam the sidewalks in search of whatever.</p> <p id="Yaw4i6">Given I am much older and not often in the market for anything — my more frantic hunting and gathering was over way back when — it’s the first time in a long while that I have had to outfit another home.</p> <p id="biXWI4">More to the point, it’s the first time I have had to do so in the digital era — or, more precisely, in the Age of AmazonAnd while that sounds like a rather grand way to put it, what has become very clear to me is that the ability of anyone in retail to fend off the online — and increasingly offline — retail behemoth is moving toward nil.</p> <p id="0Yc8JI">I say this as a personal consumer this time and not as someone with a lot of knowledge about the changing mechanics of retail and the growth of AmazonThat I do possess, having been a retail reporter for the Washington Post for many years pre-Amazon and later having covered its CEO and founder Jeff Bezos from his earliest days when he had a tiny startup in a sketchy neighborhood of Seattle.</p> <p id="TeUUqg">At that time, Jeff was very accessible and, dare I say, saucy in both his ambitions and energy他只管理了“地球上最大的书店” - 这是一个令人讨厌的声明,即使它很快就会证明是真的很多And not just for books, but in selling just about everything, first for other retailers and consumer goods makers and, more often now, sourced by the company itself.</p> <p id="HWkV6K">That is a story we all know by now, as Amazon has barreled ever forward like a giant Borg, a term I also use for Google, the Borg of Information, and Facebook, the Borg of Social Media.</p> <p id="2dEasz">And, indeed, resistance is becoming futile to all of them, although perhaps most of all to AmazonIt’s not about the typical retail advantage of market power (there is plenty of retail around) or price (there are lower-priced options), but about a nearly flawless and almost unholy combination of many other factors the company has sharpened to a fine edge that is now slicing through everything.</p> <p id="s5g1Uy">Including my will to resist, as it has turned out these days这也是一个突然的转变,因为我多年来一直使用亚马逊,但并不过分我是黄金会员,但是我大多订单不同的商品项目,如电话连线和奇怪的东西我不想花很多时间寻找模拟像一个不寻常的味噌酱But, mostly, I try my best to go to stores, especially local onesI do it both to support the community and a vibrant street life and because I think of a really good retail experience as something more than a soul-sapping transactional thing.</p> <p id="7QgjK7">But my recent experience has blown me away since Amazon has now managed to create a series of something I can only describe as moats to lock me in more and more and also keep out other retail optionsAmong these moats: Convenience, data, speed, breadth and flat-out excellent customer service.</p> <p id="oLtvLX">Other retailers are not even close例如,我为CB16的16岁儿子订了一个床架,在跋涉到乔治敦的店里去看一看。这是值得的,因为它总是很高兴见到这样的一个项目但同事填写订单花了很长时间,之后我得知要花两周时间才能到,为此我花了75美元现金。</p> <p id="6IFNjf">And when it finally came? It turned out to be the wrong frame and had to go back on the truck, after which it took me several annoying tweets and many calls to get a refundSo what did I do that very day? I looked on Amazon’s Prime Now service and had a similar enough frame at my home in two hours at about half the price and with no extra shipping charge.</p> <p id="FEmj67">The same thing happened over and over when I tried to shop in person, whether it was a shelf for clothes or an iron or a small table,更糟糕的是,特别是在这样的仓储式商店的目标,这是如此绝望地大又困惑,我放弃了,离开了车,命令它所有在亚马逊——一个咖啡机,烤箱,被子,床单——从停车场It was mostly at my house by nightfall, without one single error.</p> <p id="qImMt4">My issue was only this: I never spoke to or interacted with anyone who was sentient in this whole experience, which is what made the difference at only three physical stores that got my business time and againAnd more, with each pushing a different reason for making me want to give them my money.</p> <div class="c-float-right"> <figure class="e-image"> <img alt="A shop window display of gifts bags" data-mask-text="false" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/lrc7zhwUw3UWAC4iowRT29s_a7w=/800x0/filters:no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/13429299/HRMarch2018.jpg"> <cite>Home Rule</cite> <figcaption>The storefront window at Home Rule</figcaption> </figure> </div> <p id="wOOd1q">Here’s why:</p> <p id="73hkzM"><strong>Creativity:</strong> One was a small shop called Home Rule, which sells all kinds of home goods这是一个与它的墙壁上贴满了各种物体,反映零售商的无可挑剔的品味和奇思妙想丰富多彩While many of the items there were certainly on Amazon, I would have spent a dog’s age not finding them and so many in one place在过去,这被称为商品化,但我认为它是基本的创造性。</p> <p id="Cy8GL1">From the retro green alarm clock to the weird mini ladles to the odd magnetized flatware to a bright blue spatula to scrape out jars, it was a delight to shop there, something no algorithm will ever replaceIt’s true that everything that can be digitized will be digitized, but you still cannot digitize creativity.</p> <div class="c-float-left"> <figure class="e-image"> <img alt="Logan Hardware store" data-mask-text="false" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/KMSiZWoFeIdks79gK0tgI_BOLvw=/800x0/filters:no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/13429385/1223039080_c24e4497cf_b.jpg"> <cite>Flickr</cite> <figcaption>Logan Hardware</figcaption> </figure> </div> <p id="Zuc7Gv"><strong>Perfectly human customer service:</strong> Across the street from Home Rule is an old-style hardware store called Logan Hardware, which is in the Ace Hardware chain这是当你进入装满果酱的商店时会发生什么:一个了解整个地方的真人会问你是否可以帮助你如果他们不知道,他们会立即发现,然后让你找到一个更好的人这只是关键,因为Logan硬件中的每一件东西都很容易在亚马逊上找到,只需点击即可获得In addition, there is a homey comfort with all this kind of service, from the key-maker in the back to the garden guy upstairs to the clerk who lets you know that they also have these weird local pretzels over there you might want to try because they are deliciousAnd they are delicious, which — again — a computer cannot tell you with any certainty.</p> <p id="9iyiUC"><strong>Unique and quirky and nowhere else:</strong> The last stand against Amazon is perhaps the hardest to pull off, but it happens daily at a large antique furniture store called Miss Pixie’s, just down the street from the other two</p> <div class="c-float-right"> <figure class="e-image"> <img alt="A lamp and two candlesticks in a shop window" data-mask-text="false" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/hIL3ktB2ELHO1P3dRufhe0bIOdA=/800x0/filters:no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/13429413/DSC_6372_eglsmx.jpg"> <cite>Miss Pixie’s</cite> <figcaption>The front window at Miss Pixie’s</figcaption> </figure> </div> <p id="G1GRL5">When I think about what is great about retail — delightful, overflowing, endlessly discoverable and impossible to copy — this is it通过拍卖并不断补充所有物品的库存,从眼镜到托盘,再到大型橱柜,再到任何东西 - 清楚地看到这一点 - 它和它很酷 - 小姐小姐不能被任何机器人技术所破坏</p> <p id="UQ0eId">It is where I missed buying a loveseat glider that reminded me of so many summer nights with my grandmother, because I hesitated and then it was gone forever但也是在那里,我找到了更多磨损的Fiestaware板块,以匹配我丢失的那些和一个风化的实际使用的锻铁户外桌子和一个过时的地球仪为我13岁“看,妈妈,”他说,疯狂地旋转它,指出那里现在已转移到新国家的所有旧国家“So much has changed.”</p> <p id="ymripT">He has no idea.</p> <aside id="QAsSw6"><div data-anthem-component="newsletter" data-anthem-component-data='{"slug":"recode_daily"}'></div></aside> http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/12/18087430/amazon-shopping-local-retail 卡拉斯瑞舍 2018~11-12T08:54:04-05:00 2018~11-12T08:54:04-05:00 Recode Daily:在声音技术'革命'的炒作和现实中 <img alt="" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/95KbSpnmQwSSmxgrq9BqJpgcBhQ=/0x406:3250x2844/1310x983/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/62276343/Echo_Dot__Charcoal__Front_On.0.jpg" /> <p>Plus: Amazon is selling Apple devices again; meet Google’s hardware design guru; here come the nanoinfluencers; tarot for tech optimists.</p> <p id="EBpMYh"><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-j/"><strong>Voice interfaces like Alexa and Siri have been adopted faster than almost any other technology in history</strong></a> — even surpassing the smartphone in their four-year trajectory大约四分之一到三分之一的美国population already owns a smart speaker like the Echo or Google Home; the global number of installed smart speakers is going to more than double to 225 million units in two years但要具有革命性,他们需要找到更大的呼唤 - 一个新的,突破性的应用Here’s an in-depth look at where voice tech is succeeding (music, radio, 万博体育), where it’s not (shopping) and who the winners will be[<a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-t/">Rani Molla / Recode</a>]</p> <p id="rAlbtU">[Want to get the <strong>Recode Daily</strong> in your inbox? <a href="https://events.recode.net/newsletters/subscribe/?utm_campaign=recode.social&amp;utm_content=recode&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=apple-news">Subscribe here</a>.] </p> <p id="QmKUxF"><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-i/"><strong>Amazon is now selling Apple’s latest devices on its website</strong></a> — including iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, Apple Watches and Apple TVs, but not the Amazon Echo competitor, HomePodAmazon previously stopped selling the Apple TV media-streaming device on its site in 2015 because it wasn’t compatible with its own video service; it previously only sold older iPhone models[<a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-d/">Mark Gurman and Spencer Soper / Bloomberg</a>]</p> <p id="oCeZI9"><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-h/"><strong>Google is trying to define a recognizable in-house hardware identity</strong></a>, something that’s hugely important as the company tries to move beyond search, software, advertising and artificial intelligence to compete with such hardware stalwarts as Apple, Amazon and Samsung遇见设计副总裁Ivy Ross,一位前珠宝设计师,为Pixel智能手机添加了薄荷绿色电源按钮,将您的Google扬声器变成了河鹅卵石,并在每个Google硬件产品上架之前都会上架[<a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-o/">Katia Moskvitch / Wired UK</a>]</p> <p id="ERmGFZ"><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-b/"><strong>German database giant SAP is buying Utah-based startup Qualtrics for $8 billion in cash.</strong></a> Qualtrics, which specializes in “experience management,” or XM, provides tools to help companies gather feedback and optimize their products; it was scheduled to hold its much-anticipated IPO this week, which could have valued the company at more than $5 billion right out of the gateFounded by CEO Ryan Smith with brother Jared and father Scott, <a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-n/">Qualtrics is known for not accepting any venture funding</a> until it had been in business for a decade[<a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-p/">Matt Weinberger / Business Insider</a>]</p> <p id="M8mP2W"><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-x/"><strong>Alibaba sold more than $30 billion worth of goods during its 24-hour self-created shopping holiday called Singles Day</strong></a>; the 10th edition of the sales festival easily topped last year’s sales of $25.3 billion这是中国零售业巨头如何改变单身人士的庆祝活动 - 它总是在11月11, or 11/11, a date chosen for its likeness to “bare sticks,” which is Chinese slang for bachelors —into <a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-m/">a sales event bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined</a>2009年,阿里巴巴开始推广这一天,让消费者向自己挥霍礼物,通过其品牌商品消费者购物网站Tmall提供大幅折扣[<a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-c/">Eamon Barrett / Fortune</a>]</p> <p id="T4tVxU"><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-q/"><strong>The previous story was from Fortune magazine, which was just purchased for $150 million in cash</strong></a> by Thai businessman Chatchaval Jiaravanon — the storied business publication’s second new owner this yearThe 88-year-old magazine, which first published months after the 1929 stock-market crash, continues to carry weight with business elites, reflected in the attention paid to rankings such as the Fortune 500, special issues like “World’s Most Admired Companies” and cover profiles of prominent chief executives.[<a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-a/">Jeffrey ATrachtenberg / The Wall Street Journal</a>]</p> <p id="Qs32E6"><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-f/"><strong>First there were the influencers, and then the microinfluencers现在遇到纳米影响者</ strong> </a> - 拥有少数千名粉丝的人,善于社交,愿意宣传产品Their relative lack of fame is one of the qualities that makes them approachable by companies; when they recommend a shampoo or a lotion or a furniture brand on Instagram, their word seems as genuine as advice from a friend品牌喜欢与nanoinfluencers部分是因为他们很容易处理以换取免费产品或一个小委员会,nano通常说什么公司告诉他们[<a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-z/">Sapna Maheshwari / The New York Times</a>]</p> <h2 id="baDIEW">Top stories from Recode</h2> <p id="SnUBZm"><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-v/"><strong>Facebook followed Uber and Google and is ending forced arbitration for sexual harassment cases.</strong></a><strong> </strong>Arbitration is now a choice rather than a requirement at Facebook<a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/9/18081520/facebook-forced-arbitration-change-sexual-harassment-uber-google">[</a><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-e/">Kurt Wagner</a>]</p> <p id="PEQXpG"><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-s/"><strong>Former Snap No2执行人Imran Khan有一个新头衔:企业家。</ strong> </a> <strong> </ strong> Khan计划在2019年推出电子商务创业公司<a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/9/18081520/facebook-forced-arbitration-change-sexual-harassment-uber-google">[</a><a href="https://recode.cmail20.com/t/d-l-njtidll-ydyhdtqtk-g/">Kurt Wagner]</a></p> <h2 id="cwxPDv">This is cool</h2> <p id="ICfrMv"><a href="https://medium.com/kickstarter/to-build-a-brighter-future-in-tech-superflux-gives-tarot-a-timely-update-e483f04a1eee"><strong>Tarot cards for tech optimists.</strong></a></p> <aside id="9e9FOd"><div data-anthem-component="newsletter" data-anthem-component-data='{"slug":"recode_daily"}'></div></aside> http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/12/18086248/alexa-siri-voice-interface-smart-speaker-amazon-apple-google-hardware-ivy-ross-sap-qualtrics-alibaba 重新编码员工 2018 - 11 - 12 - t07:24:05凌晨 2018 - 11 - 12 - t07:24:05凌晨 拍前不2执行伊姆兰汗正在建立一个购物启动 <img alt="Imran Khan" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/GQTFu_ofpbe-dhspc5am10g1_kI=/0x0:3200x2400/1310x983/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/62275745/610533064.jpg.0.jpg" /> <p>Khan plans to launch a new shopping platform in 2019.</p> <p id="mELGCg">Imran Khan, who <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/10/24/18018836/snap-imran-khan-replacement-hire-amazon-jeremi-gorman-jared-grusd">spent the past four years as the top business executive</a> at Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, plans to launch a new startup in the e-commerce industry next year</p> <p id="jfbwFy">Still in stealth and funded primarily by Khan, the startup will be a new online commerce platform for brands to sell their goods, similar — at least in high-level concept — to more established players like Amazon or Jet.com, according to a source familiar with the plans与这些平台不同,可汗的新公司可能更专注于特定产品类别。</p> <p id="9xQqb7">Khan, who is founder and CEO of the new venture, has a small team of a half-dozen employees working on the project, and just hired Dollar Shave Club’s VP of Engineering Jason Bosco to run engineering汗拒绝评论记录关于他的新项目时联系了<强> < /强>周末重新编码</p> <p id="QInseQ">Khan was the chief strategy officer at Snap for almost four years before announcing his departure in September这是一个角色,包括监督Snap的所有业务工作,包括广告,这是Snap收入的绝大部分。</p> <p id="rWrI0Q">The knock on Khan from those in the industry was always that, as a former banker, he didn’t have experience running an advertising business, though Snap should do more than $1 billion in advertising revenue for the first time in 2018他也在2017年初迎来了IPO,并担任首席执行官埃文·斯皮格尔的第二任。</p> <p id="7PY4iE">The next challenge will be interesting for Khan, who has never started a company beforeIt was believed he <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/10/imran-khan-is-leaving-his-role-as-strategy-head-at-snap-to-start-his-own-investment-firm/">might get into venture investing</a>, though he plans to run this new commerce business full time, according to a source他与摩根大通和瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)在银行业共事了10年,然后从2015年初Snap开始获得一些创业经验,比它的首次公开募股早了几年。快速运行几个< a href = " http://www.vidshid.com/2018/2/1/16961432/snapchat-store-in-app-purchase-sweatshirt-hat " > < / >商务有关测试和实验,但商务还没有业务的重要组成部分</p> <p id="0y7p7H">To be sure, Khan is entering a crowded industry with a lot of competition亚马逊可以说是世界上最具影响力的公司还有eBay,沃尔玛和愿望,启动价值80亿美元,已经数十亿美元的年度销售总额一些有前途的人已经找到了财务上的成功,包括<href="http://www.vidshid.com/2016/8/7/12395114/walmart-.-..-30亿美元">Jet.com,以30亿美元卖给沃尔玛</a>,和在线宠物零售商<href="http://www.vidshid.com/2017/4/18/15339208/petsmart-chewy-.sit价格为335亿美元“嚼”,卖给PeStand 33亿美元< A/>Those outcomes, however, are the exception rather than the norm.</p> <p id="lmL3Fz">Khan’s <a href="https://go.redirectingat.com?id=66960X1555657&amp;xs=1&amp;url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.linkedin.com%2Fin%2Fdotkhan%2F" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">LinkedIn</a> page shows that he recently founded a company called Proem Group, but that is the name of a trust Khan started据该消息来源称,尚未命名的商业创业公司将成为该信托的一部分</p> <aside id="DFqxBO"><div data-anthem-component="newsletter" data-anthem-component-data='{"slug":"recode_daily"}'></div></aside><p id="t6RBC9"></p> HTTPS://www. Reff.NET/2018/11/12/18085 266/IMRAN-Khan-Neal-Stuut-PultChan-SwitChalk 库尔特瓦格纳 2018 - 11 - 12 - t06:15:04凌晨 2018 - 11 - 12 - t06:15:04凌晨 前副检察长萨利耶茨解释了唐纳德特朗普如何试图腐败司法部 <img alt="" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/2EYh5pCadbopP4ojzkCjCsWHe_0=/374x0:5046x3504/1310x983/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/62274225/860204562.jpg.0.jpg" /> <p>Yates talked with <strong>Recode’s</strong> Kara Swisher shortly before the midterms at the AllRaise Summit in San Francisco.</p> <p id="IDWTPu">On the latest episode of <strong>Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher</strong>, former U.SDeputy Attorney General Sally Yates talked with <strong>Recode’s </strong>Kara Swisher about how things have changed since she was fired in Week Two of the Trump administration.</p> <p id="IN6KYN">Yates had spent most of her legal career in the U.SAttorney’s office in Atlanta before being appointed as Barack Obama’s deputy attorney general toward the end of his tenure; her 10 days as the acting attorney general in early 2017 came to an end when she defied President Trump’s attempt to ban Muslims from the countryBut the majority of people who work at the DoJ are career civil servants, rather than political appointees, and she argued that they might have trouble keeping a “spring in their step” now that the president is attacking their place of work regularly.</p> <p id="AMf9ij">“It’s not even a thing anymore when the president tweets some of this stuff or says it in speeches,” Yates said“我们继续下一步甚至没有通过一个完整的24小时新闻周期You know, if we get to the point that that’s how people think our justice system works, at the risk of sounding melodramatic here, stuff starts falling apart.</p> <p id="wcfwYs">“The folks that I know that are there wouldn’t allow that to happen,” she added“But there’s the subtle sort of signals that you get, too, that can really infect the process as well.”</p> <p id="XvDEOL">She also talked about why she’s not planning to run for any elected office (including president), the future of the #MeToo movement and where the Mueller investigation will end.</p> <p id="xUQQc3">“To a certain extent, when people talk about how, ‘If the president’s not indicted, well, that’ll prove that nothing wrong happened’ … This is the old quintessential boiling a frog slowly,” Yates said“我们已经学到了很多令人困扰的东西,如果我们一次得到所有东西,我认为人们会非常震惊Because it’s dribbled out slowly, it’s hard to understand, and there’s so much other stuff coming at people every day.”</p> <p id="b6dx8N">(Editor’s note: This interview was recorded live at the AllRaise Summit in San Francisco on Nov1 — before the midterm elections and before President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions.)</p> <div id="9C7EBd"><iframe src="https://art19.com/shows/b86401fa-c2ad-48ed-84bd-bb733a1885fa/episodes/077a3548-d97e-488e-b804-7475e7d38cd6/embed?theme=dark-custom&amp;primary_color=%23c60018" style="width: 100%; height: 200px; border: 0 none;" scrolling="no"></iframe></div> <p id="UYHHJ1">You can listen to <strong>Recode Decode</strong> wherever you get your 万博体育, including <a href="https://go.redirectingat.com?id=66960X1555657&amp;xs=1&amp;url=https%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com%2Fus%2Fpodcast%2Frecode-decode-hosted-by-kara-swisher%2Fid1011668648%3Fmt%3D2">Apple 万博体育</a>, <a href="https://open.spotify.com/show/47jQcyRcrM1EoV0sU39N9F">Spotify</a>, <a href="https://www.google.com/万博体育?feed=aHR0cDovL2ZlZWRzLmZlZWRidXJuZXIuY29tL1JlY29kZS1EZWNvZGU%3D">Google 万博体育</a>, <a href="http://pca.st/recode">Pocket Casts</a> and <a href="https://overcast.fm/itunes1011668648/recode-decode-hosted-by-kara-swisher">Overcast</a>.</p> <p id="RAtTCR">Below, we’ve shared a lightly edited full transcript of Kara’s conversation with Sally.</p> <hr class="p-entry-hr" id="xzn3nk"> <p id="rMmjkj"><strong>Kara Swisher: I am going to take off my sunglasses for Sally Yates好吧,我得说,</.><a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/2/18053424/elon-musk-tesla-spacex-.-company-self-.-car-saudi-twitter-kara-swisher-decode-podcast"><.>我和Elon Musk度过了万圣节之夜</.></a><.>,这是另外一回事。但我唯一思考他说的整个时间莎莉耶茨,所以我. .我的意思是,他的火箭和废话很好,但是这个女人,我几乎不羡慕任何人和......这是真的,它确实是我不想任何人在这个时刻,除了Sally Yates,她做了些什么,她站起来,说实话,做她的工作,是一个坏蛋,是真正激发了我的灵感,我超级兴奋我要不要喷,我实际上不会. .我会问你一些棘手的问题,但她</ strong> <em> <strong>完全</ strong> </ em> <strong>那种我们都应该想成为并在生活中表现的人</strong></p> <p id="MzBgmA">Sally, come on up坐下所以我采访了很多人,我这样做,而我只是......I want to talk about a lot of things, but you are aware of what AllRaise is, correct? What’s going on here?</p> <p id="nS78zH"><strong>Sally Yates: </strong>Generally, I mean, it is a different world than the world that I have spent the last 30 years inI was so inspired by what I just saw.</p> <p id="RlHVsp"><strong>She was interesting她就像是,“等一下。”我坐在那里看着这些女人在一秒钟前出现,所以很有意思</strong></p> <p id="PocPB0"><strong>So let’s just get into it让我们. .你都知道莎莉做了什么,她做什么Why don’t you give us an update of what you have been doing since you left the Justice Department? </strong></p> <p id="2WO5Aa">Yeah我实际上有一份礼物,我认为我职业生涯阶段的很多人都没有这是一个能够对我想做的事做出肯定决定的机会你知道,很多时候你只是继续做你正在做的事情,或者你在同一个进程中进入下一步,但是当我离开DOJ时,我真的不知道我想做什么所以,我花了一年时间访问乔治敦法学院,我非常喜欢那里的学生如此插入世界上正在发生的事情,这很棒我在旅行,做了很多口语和写作</p> <p id="TVzjc3">But I realized something, and that was I missed being a lawyer, I am really not an academic我更像是一个真实世界的人,我错过了But I also did not want to just be a lawyer, because there are too many things out there that I really care about, and want to still be able to try to have some impact.</p> <p id="tkM9id"><strong>We will talk about you running for president later你应该,我们将讨论这个问题我不喜欢你的回答So you went, you got back into doing law.</strong></p> <p id="se429t">So I got back into practicing law.</p> <p id="2M0sFV"><strong>Had you, you’d been in the Justice Department for how long?</strong></p> <p id="ZxnSC7">Twenty-seven years.</p> <p id="HGqSkt"><strong>Twenty ..So you went right from law school, or was there ...?</strong></p> <p id="o0EoDa">No, I practiced at King and Spalding, a firm that was originally started in Atlanta曾担任卡特政府司法部长的格里芬贝尔在那里开始了这种做法,这是一项调查实践他们叫它特别重要Our clients do not have criminal problems, they have “special problems.” I was there for three years, and went to the Justice Department, went to the U.SAttorney’s office in Atlanta thinking I was going to stay a couple of years and go back to the firm, and 27 years later ...</p> <p id="sIExxq"><strong>I am discerning a southern accent that you have但是你,所以你决定去美国司法部从私人诊所Why did you do that? What was the impetus to do that?</strong></p> <p id="cSemiy">At the time, I didn’t go for the right reasons事实上,我以后就不会雇佣自己如果我一直诚实的原因我去了,因为我想要更多实践经验,我想自己尝试案例In big law firms, they are usually staffed with a dozen people.</p> <p id="v4wvo7"><strong>Yes, and you move up.</strong></p> <p id="y9iJjR">Yeah, but that’s not a sufficient reason to go to DOJ and that is why I would never hire anybody who offered that as the reason later because, you know, at the risk of sounding kind of corny about this, the immense responsibility you have at the Department of Justice of representing the people of the United States, you are not just like a regular old lawyerYou are responsible for seeking justice and for equal justice in this country.</p> <p id="81mxvD"><strong>Yeah这就是为什么我们现在生病了我们的胃和小精灵运行它但继续</strong></p> <p id="pUBsBX">And so, when I go there, I was really totally unprepared for how completely ..着迷是错误的词它并不能真正表达它的严肃性But how totally taken I would be with the mission.</p> <p id="HiCSc9"><strong>What, you know we are talking a lot about, they just gave a presentation about the different things that you need to doWhat were you like as a young lawyer? I mean, were you aggressive? Were you, it was a different world你在谈论卡特政府</strong></p> <p id="0PY9Lw">Oh yeah这是一个非常不同的世界看,那是80年代末我在美国开始的时候。律师在亚特兰大的办事处我想要在有组织犯罪的部分,但是他们不会让我在这部分The first assistant, which was the top career person there, thought that it was kind of too rough and tumble for a woman to go into organized crime — I know, I know, that is so patronizing — at the time, so he put me in the white-collar section, because he thought that I would not be tough enough.</p> <p id="0PaLeB"><strong>What, did you do anything about it? Did you ...?</strong></p> <p id="uWdgaR">At the time, well, and I hate to admit, I mean, I think I was plenty tough to handle organized crime.</p> <p id="9wG3CM"><strong>They are all so stupid但继续They seem like, when I listen to all of the coverage of them, they seem dumb, as a group of criminals.</strong></p> <p id="FaHQ8C">Which actually is kind of why I liked fraud better</p> <p id="tbCtc2"><strong>Right, okay.</strong></p> <p id="lVxnT2">Because it was more challenging.</p> <p id="nfADgT"><strong>Right, better criminals.</strong></p> <p id="dmSxno">White-collar work, actually, it is better crime这不是关于他们是否做到了,如果他们,如果有人进入银行并抢劫银行,就像他们当时想的那样是无关紧要的In the white-collar area, the whole thing you are trying to figure out was what were they thinking? What was their intent at the time? And I found that really challenging and interesting, and I liked it.</p> <p id="xsRK1G"><strong>So what were you like as a lawyer then? They did not let you do this, you did not objectYou just did ...</strong></p> <p id="D0Uqgc">Well, no犯罪方面的女性人数不多我想我是一个有点咄咄逼人的人,我和其中一个美国人学到了这一点律师们,我记得在参加这次会议之前,我们参加了美国会议。律师看着我说,“我真的认为该机构会欣赏一个更娴静的女人”</p> <p id="JQDCcV"><strong>Right.</strong></p> <p id="oatLY0">Can you ...? I mean, “demure.” You would never use thatSo I just kind of nodded and he did not get a more demure woman.</p> <p id="pE2tRm"><strong>Oh好的</strong></p> <p id="Hx76O7">In response to that.</p> <p id="u7buH1"><strong>So you rose through the ranks of the Justice Department and moved into a very high-ranking position, through all of these administrations, so it was Carter ...</strong></p> <p id="E7hV9b">I wasn’t in the Carter administration, I’m not that old!</p> <p id="SFjDy7"><strong>Yeah, not but with that它回去了有很多主管部门You served in both, my point being, in Republican and Democratic.</strong></p> <p id="vNacQZ">RightRight.</p> <p id="5t4vWO"><strong>And you felt good about that job until recently, correct?</strong></p> <p id="3zqF1T">Yeah, I mean until the Obama administration, I was a career civil servant所以这意味着你留下来,不管政府如何,并且像司法部99.9%的人都是职业</p> <p id="EKt3n5">But when President Obama came into office, I was appointed to be the U.SAttorney in Atlanta, which is a political appointment, which means you leave with the administration.</p> <p id="RdBILT"><strong>You leave with the administrationAnd then moved to the Justice Department, correct?</strong></p> <p id="GCHEce">Yeah最后两年作为副检察长,没有2 spot.</p> <p id="2SZ7U7"><strong>The No2点What did you think when you got that job? Talk a little bit about getting that positionYou got that at the end of the Obama administration?</strong></p> <p id="oKjGeu">Yeah最近两年我在D.C度过了很多时光我当时就是所谓的司法部长咨询委员会它是一个大约15美国的集团。来自全国各地的律师已经插入并参与制定各部门的政策所以我在那之前已经做了六年</p> <p id="qWrHBV">I got to know Eric Holder very well, and so he was a great mentor and good friend of mine我真的很喜欢这项工作I liked being able to have an impact on something broader than an individual case or even a single office.</p> <p id="Z6Y2wE"><strong>Right.</strong></p> <p id="75Gl7e">And really believe in the administration.</p> <p id="RgT7rF"><strong>And the things you worked on was the broad swath of the things the Justice Department was doing, and the Obama administration was very aggressive on a number of issues, especially Eric Holder was.</strong></p> <p id="7z20fp">Right, right看看司法部,这是130,000名员工这是一个很大的部门这不仅仅是美国attorneys and litigating components, it is all the agencies; FBI and DEA and ATF and the Marshall Service and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, so it is a lot of stuff</p> <p id="vissH2">And then there is the whole national security side as well that you are working with counterpartsYou know, CIA and NSA and others there, so it is a really broad portfolio, which I loved, because that is part of what made it so interesting and challenging.</p> <p id="eLU9Ym"><strong>And so you worked on all of that versus individual things, correct?</strong></p> <p id="k1NVsE">I worked on all of that in the last two years.</p> <p id="Mi6UXA"><strong>So fast-forward to the Trump administration你正在意识到发生了什么事情,奥巴马政府就已经知道了这一点你们都在努力I know you can’t talk about every part of it, but you felt it was your duty to bring it up, and to make noise about it, correct?</strong></p> <p id="0Jmg7h">Yeah, and you are talking about the Mike Flynn stuff now?</p> <p id="aqLcAq"><strong>YesExactly.</strong></p> <p id="8rPFi0">YeahThe investigation into Russian interference in the election, yes, had started back during the Obama administration, and you know, God, this seems like a lifetime ago when we talk about this, it really does, but ...</p> <p id="7q99wC"><strong>Today is birthright thing</strong></p> <p id="C0HrKH">Oh God, don’t even...</p> <p id="hZTyfM"><strong>That is todayTomorrow will probably be ...</strong></p> <p id="00sNXY">Let’s just get to the midterms但当时,在政府间的过渡期间,迈克弗林基本上是在告诉俄罗斯人不要担心奥巴马政府因干涉选举而实施的制裁,这一点变得很重要。正如我所说,这似乎是一生以前,你可能不记得了,但没有人能够真正弄清楚为什么俄罗斯人在我们实施制裁时没有做出反应And we discovered, through some recordings we had access to, that Flynn ...</p> <p id="BJ8gF9"><strong>I like how you say that, “Some recordings we had access to.” I would like to have recordings I have access to.</strong></p> <p id="hn8L5L">That is kind of all I can say</p> <p id="5NnWSM"><strong>Okay我收到了发生的事Okay.</strong></p> <p id="d39KUk">In fact, he <em>had</em> been talking to the Russian ambassador, and you know to sort of say colloquially, kind of tell him, don’t worry about this, we will take care of it然后 - 当特朗普即将上任时,这一切都处于领先地位 - 然后这就变成了一件事,他们开始向特朗普政府询问它</p> <p id="B4aazi">And they start falsely saying, “No, there was no discussion with the Russian ambassador about it.” And they start getting more and more specific, and the Vice President even goes out and says, “I talked to General Flynn and he told me that they talked about Christmas greetings, and down the plane,” and all sorts of other stuff and just sort of forgetting that sanctions thing</p> <p id="Oi2Ym8">So yeah, we then hit the point it was clear they weren’t going to stop lying about it, or providing false information about it, that is was unclear who knew at the White House that this was false我们知道的一件事是,我们并不是唯一知道他与俄罗斯大使进行过这些讨论的人俄国人显然也知道这一点。And he had been out publicly providing false information about it, which creates a potential compromise.</p> <p id="2yIfbO"><strong>Right.</strong></p> <p id="zGl8Vx">And you really do not want your national security adviser compromised with the Russians这不是一个好的开始方式</p> <p id="O4ZJrV"><strong>Yeah, yeah</strong><em><strong>I</strong></em><strong> even know that.</strong></p> <p id="n14ldp">Yeah.</p> <p id="hSs08p"><strong>So you do this, you go, talk about what it takes to go and do something about that, because in normal administrations it would be like, “Oh my god, the Russians are invading, we have to do something.” But what was the calculation from your part, from being in this kind of dicey position?</strong></p> <p id="VOzNZh">Well, it was not what I anticipated, I can tell you, when I agreed to stay on as acting AG, which is a tradition for the No2待新司法部长确认还有另外一个传统,那就是在那段时间没有任何事情发生,你只需坚持到底,让火车继续运转My chief of staff actually told me it would be so quiet there would be time for a lot of long, boozy lunches.</p> <p id="PSzafO"><strong>Right, rightYou were </strong><em><strong>hoping</strong></em><strong> for long, boozy lunches.</strong></p> <p id="E5q7OM">Yeah, I had those later, but just not during that time所以这不是我所期望的但另一方面,你不能忽视这种情况的严重性。而且你有一个全新的管理再一次,你不知道谁知道什么,但你知道你不能坐在这个信息上</p> <p id="mxvXG4">For one thing, I am assuming that the Vice President didn’t know he is out there telling the American people something that is demonstrably untrue因此,从这个角度来看,他应该知道这些信息并不准确The President and others should know that their national security advisory, if he is lying to them, they should know that, and we should not have that guy sitting there, compromised with the Russians, and so...</p> <p id="Gepusg"><strong>With national security clearance.</strong></p> <p id="U0B6PP">It is not what I had in mind, in terms of what that time was going to be likeBut what else could you do?</p> <p id="sFgPVI"><strong>So talk about making that decision, because in Washington they make all kinds of political calculations where they don’t, they don’t, they shove it under the thing, or they do not do something about itTalk a little bit about what you were going through in your head.</strong></p> <p id="OTzbqH">Well, lookWe talked about it internally with the different national security agencies, so I talked to CIA, because I wanted to get a sense from, particularly, the people at the agency who deal with this stuff every day, is this actually the kind of stuff the Russians would use? I didn’t consider myself to be the world’s expert on that我想专家的观点,他们向我证实,确切地说,这是< em > < / em >的东西,他们将使用,公开或更微妙And so, we had discussions, I cannot really reveal those in terms of how the short straw came to me to be the one ...</p> <p id="XGvWKt"><strong>But there you are.</strong></p> <p id="6pffOU">But there I amYeah.</p> <p id="0xCpTF"><strong>RightDid you expect the reaction you got, including being removed?</strong></p> <p id="djrw9Y">Well, there was that travel ban thing that also kind of came in there too ...</p> <p id="0zLI8U"><strong>Yes, I know that我将会得到But the reaction, it set it up, correct?</strong></p> <p id="aqyXTj">You know what I expected? I expected that they would <em>do</em> something about itWe went over there and told them, I mean, I call up the White House counsel, tell him I have got something.</p> <p id="u8r8D9"><strong>Don McGahn.</strong></p> <p id="21RmR9">Don McGahn非常重要,我需要马上与他谈谈,而且不能通电话So that is kind of a big thing, for the acting Attorney General to call the White House counsel and say, “I need to come see you right away and we need to talk about this in a SCIF, in a secure place.”</p> <p id="pQt2bx"><strong>What did he say? “I am having a long, boozy lunch”?</strong></p> <p id="HSwlMg">So I did所以我去了那边,立刻他看见我,我告诉他发生了什么第二天回去回答他的一些问题,然后旅行禁令发生在周末的过程中。Actually, it was the Friday afternoon that I had gone back to have the second session with McGahn about the Mike Flynn situation...</p> <p id="fDOZhb"><strong>That was the Friday afternoon.</strong></p> <p id="RagJkC">… when I learned about the travel ban, so then there is the weekend, and then the Monday that I <a href="https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/01/30/us/document-Letter-From-Sally-Yates.html">issued the directive</a>, and then I am fired Monday night, and then nothing happens to Mike Flynn for a couple of weeks, quite some time after thatUntil the story broke in the Post about it.</p> <p id="ZcIue8"><strong>How did you decide what to do around the directive? Just, you couldn’t do itYou could not ...</strong></p> <p id="vxoEjd">No, it was more than that我们现在谈论的是,这是旅行禁令,我们现在3岁了。再一次,这似乎是一辈子的事旅行禁令我做出了我的决定,实际上适用于持有效签证的人和拥有有效绿卡的人,他们是合法的永久居民</p> <p id="JHyOeJ">We had some people who were literally mid-flight when the president signed the first travel ban and who could not get back into the country because of his executive order这周五晚上,我从我的主要副手那里了解到,在纽约时报上看到有关此事的报道,这并不是了解像这样的事情的理想方式。I’m literally ...</p> <p id="fCe2hq"><strong>That you have to, that you have to carry it out?</strong></p> <p id="aGFabQ">I have people in court the next morning defending it because actions are being filed all over the country for different individuals who are trying to get back into the country, so we grapple with it all weekend, trying to figure out from the White House what they are trying to do and who’s in and who’s outAnd bring everybody in Monday morning and have a long discussion with the Trump appointees and the career people about, all right, here are all of the challenges, what are our responses to these things? </p> <p id="wZRevS">The Department of Justice is this incredibly hierarchal organization通常对于这种导入的东西,下面有很多层都可以解决这个问题并且有很多备忘录已经完成,而且它们仍然只是...没有时间做任何这些事情从我第一次发现这个故事开始到72小时,我被告知,司法部必须在星期二早上在法庭上对旅行禁令的合宪性采取立场</p> <p id="WBUogz">We’ve got to take a position as to whether it’s constitutional or not, and in talking it through — and I can’t reveal what those discussions were — but it was really clear to me that ..我不相信这是合法的还是宪法的。除此之外,重要的是保护它,它也成为明显的我要发送司法部律师认为这种旅行禁令已经完全与宗教无关宗教完全无关紧要</p> <p id="SqKK5q">And that’s in the face of all the statements the President had made both on the campaign trail and after he had been elected我不相信这是一个以真理为基础的辩护,我们是司法部I don’t think any lawyer should go in and be arguing something that’s not grounded in truth, but I sure don’t think the Department of Justice should be doing that and certainly not in something ...</p> <p id="Y1hqE1"><strong>The reason I wanted you to talk about this and tell the story, to people who aren’t ..我想大多数人都很熟悉。是什么让你这样做的?因为不是每个人都这么做,我告诉你,他们是这样做的他们会争辩他们会,你知道,他们会经历它律师做了</strong></p> <p id="1sdmid">Yeah看,我喜欢美国司法部我每天都有幸成为该机构的一员我相信这个使命我相信自己的责任我曾亲身经历的感受如何,社区的人们相信我们是谁是公道的,所以我花了近30年来做的我有一种非常强烈的感觉,并且非常坚定地致力于我认为该机构应该代表的东西I’ll be damned if I’m just going to abandon all that at the end and say that none of that matters when that’s actually <em>all</em> that matters is what that institution is supposed to stand for</p> <p id="0xZbTt"><strong>Did you expect to get fired? You did</strong></p> <p id="TRkG4y">I thought there was a really good chance虽然 - 这对我来说可能只是非常天真......</p> <p id="22uiqt"><strong>He would suddenly realize he’s not an idiot! And, what?</strong></p> <p id="mmzgDh">I didn’t think ..我不是<em>那个</ em>天真我<em>确实</ em>实际上有一些希望,这会让他们停下来在几个法院判决之后,他们最终放弃了旅行禁令,但我确实有一些希望,这会给他们一些停顿,他们现在实际上会有一个过程,你会得到机构和部门以及其他人的意见所以,有一部分我认为,也许会发生这种情况</p> <p id="wlNZ90">But I recognize that there was a good chance I was going to be fired我真的不想被解雇I mean, I had spent nearly 30 years of at DOJ.</p> <p id="S9OCIe"><strong>Yeah, so you didn’t want to get fired.</strong></p> <p id="w8KVp6">That’s not exactly how I wanted to put the period on the service there, getting fired, but anything else ...</p> <p id="f2k4ml"><strong>That’s kind of a good way to get fired</strong></p> <p id="Fzs255">But God, I got to tell you, 72 hours, 72 days, I would do the exact same thing all over againTo have done anything else would have felt like a betrayal.</p> <p id="txvRT8"><strong>What do you assess now, as you’re watching what’s going on with the investigations and things like that? </strong></p> <p id="w8esGV">Look, it’s a ..有< em > < / em >的很多我不同意这种政府的政策问题我的意思是,我们没有足够的时间去经历所有这些,但事实上这并不是最让我担心的事情。</p> <p id="AyPGmD"><strong>‘Cause policy is policy ...</strong></p> <p id="CSxUni">Policy, you know, elections have consequences我讨厌这么说你认为会有你不同意的政策决定但真正具有破坏性的是,我国的法治只有在司法部根据事实和法律作出决定时才有效。</p> <p id="tyOp6F">At least since Watergate, both Republican and Democratic administrations have recognized that — not only for it to work that way but for the public to have confidence that it’s working that way — there’s really an impenetrable wall between the White House and the Department on cases and investigations</p> <p id="Ke4RXs">You talk about broad policy kind of things, but cases and investigations从一开始你就看到这位总统不仅不尊重这一点,而是一再试图联系司法部,对他以前的政治对手进行调查,或者......即使事情. .我知道Joe Arpaio昨天似乎是这样,但想想,总统实际上已经打电话给美国司法部长试图让他放弃对Joe Arpaio的刑事调查I mean, that’s just one small example.</p> <p id="opT1I5">What I worry about more than any of the litany of policy differences is the loss and the normalization of that kind of breakdown of the rule of law and what that means for future administrations and what it means for the public’s confidence</p> <p id="2bQ3oT"><strong>So what does that mean and what ...</strong></p> <p id="hs6h0p">Well, right now he’s reaching in, trying, knocking at the door all the time我想你已经看过了…Rod Rosenstein, for example, has, I think, done a good job of resisting with respect to the Mueller investigation, and Bob Mueller <em>really</em> needs to have the running room that he has to be able to get to the bottom of that所以,很难知道对决策是否有任何实际影响,但我知道有些人仍然在那里,我对它们充满信心,但它是否真的产生了这种影响。</p> <p id="AJyMbU">It’s not even a thing anymore when the President tweets some of this stuff or says it in speeches我们只是转向下一件事甚至不让它完整的通过一个完整的24小时新闻周期You know, if we get to the point that that’s how people think our justice system works, at the risk of sounding melodramatic here, stuff starts falling apart.</p> <p id="FFD2Pa"><strong>But when you were in that Justice Department, when the people that are serving there who are career, what can they do? NothingBecause they have to take orders, a hierarchical system, right? </strong></p> <p id="6cciYC">Yeah嗯,有一件事它有..Can you imagine going to work every day at a place where your President is basically calling your agency corrupt? I mean, almost every single day, there’s something, either an FBI or DOJ or otherwise在完成工作时,这并没有给人们带来春天</p> <p id="1M4hEl">I don’t have any evidence and I am hoping that it is not the case that it’s actually having any impact in terms of specific case decisions that are being made at the DepartmentAgain, the folks that I know that are there wouldn’t allow that to happen但是,你得到的微妙信号也可以真正感染这个过程</p> <p id="j2FXFm"><strong>Where do you imagine — and I want to talk a little bit about what people can do, like what do you do or how do you cope through that? What are some of the things you get inspiration from in doing that? But where does it lead, then the Mueller investigation and everything else? Do you feel like it’s going to pace ..我们昨天谈到鲍勃穆勒你知道,最近他们试图诽谤他</strong></p> <p id="SR4k1Q">Which is just absurd我的意思是,我知道鲍勃米勒,他最喜欢straightlaced你所遇到的家伙我告诉卡罗尔,他甚至不穿彩色衬衫他只穿白衬衫和西装他只是典型的 - 我会约会自己 - 乔星期五,“只是事实,女士,”有点男人所以最新的事情真的令人作呕</p> <p id="6HhFK1"><strong>YeahI didn’t know colored shirts were compared with sexual harassment.</strong></p> <p id="lsHhjd">No, no, no</p> <p id="CwyBHG"><strong>No, I get that但也许So where do you imagine it going? Because they tried that它没用</strong></p> <p id="kPsT2h">Yeah, it’s hard to know的一件事,他们做的很好,就像你应该做的,没有泄漏出来的特别法律顾问委员会的调查这就是应该如何完成的所以,我认为新闻团队每次都知道另一份起诉书出来或者请求出来时都会感到惊讶</p> <p id="cxB1Jq">There’s a body of law out there that provides that a sitting President can’t be indicted while he’s President有一个法律顾问决定的办公室说 - 或者说那个说法 - 不一定具有法律效力,但他可以采取一些路线他可以向副总检察长罗德·罗森斯坦提交一份报告,然后罗德可以向国会提交一份报告,阐述他的发现。可能会有其他人的其他指控即将到来This is my long-winded way of telling you, I don’t know.</p> <p id="R6Wp3M"><strong>Okay是啊我等待罗杰·斯通被逮捕这是我的. .然后我会很开心So where does it lead to, though? What happens in these kinds of things? Are we somewhere where we don’t know where we are anymore? </strong></p> <p id="fBjhJ6">Well, I guess it sort of depends on what happens next我的意思是,我们已经知道了在某种程度上,当人们谈论如何如果总统不起诉,这将证明没有错发生……这是老的煮青蛙缓慢我们已经学到了许多令人困扰的东西,如果我们一次得到所有东西,我认为人们会非常震惊Because it’s dribbled out slowly, again, we’ve ...</p> <p id="QCmHng"><strong>It’s hard to understand</strong></p> <p id="nKSfGN">It is hard to understand, and there’s so much other stuff coming at people every day</p> <p id="PH3qxQ"><strong>And do you feel confident that at least some of the government agencies do have a handle on the Russians now? Or is it still that’s even not getting fixed? </strong></p> <p id="oU0AWv">Look, I know that the agencies are working on trying to prevent the Russians from interfering in midterms or the next Presidential election他们有点自己这样做总统没有动力去做这件事,总统没有发表任何声明指示他们这样做,而且无论你在俄罗斯调查2016年发生的事情,都会有悲伤< em > < / em >所有我们希望确保我们应该尽一切努力阻止他们这样做</p> <p id="evvpF6"><strong>Doing it again</strong></p> <p id="pm5iMy">Yeah.</p> <p id="te4cEQ"><strong>All right.</strong></p> <p id="POYXKw">It’s <a href="https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/09/26/mobile-clinton-trump-debate-400-pound-man-cyber-security-hofstra-sot-05.cnn">not a 300-pound guy sitting on the bed</a>.</p> <p id="1KGigl"><strong>So here you are是啊在这里你被解雇了But working, you seem to have gotten a job</strong></p> <p id="2BQUBN">You can say itI’ve gotten used to it.</p> <p id="Nlxnlg"><strong>All right好“被唐纳德·特朗普解雇”似乎是我希望有朝一日能发生在我身上的事情。你为什么不考虑政治问题呢?你说你不是,你对我说“不”</strong><a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/10/27/18032550/hillary-clinton-kara-swisher-92y-recode-decode-live-podcast-transcript"><strong>I just interviewed Hillary Clinton</strong></a><strong> and she did some sort of “No” that nobody was happy with她确实说不,但出于某种原因,她没有说不,没有足够的But you were quite definitive about not running.</strong></p> <p id="ehu16F">About not running for office? </p> <p id="WByD0z"><strong>Yes</strong></p> <p id="9EgE0F">Yeah那不是什么......Look, I believe in public service and hope someday I may have another opportunity for public service, but public service and running for elected office are not exactly the same thingThat whole process is just not anything I’ve ever really felt ...</p> <p id="GA1fjB"><strong>People are interested in you, you’ve been approached, correct?</strong></p> <p id="luWibS">Folks have been, yeah, have been very nice about it.</p> <p id="QQ1XWe"><strong>Why wouldn’t you do it? I mean, Mark Cuban’s thinking of doing itI don’t know.</strong></p> <p id="tWGEKQ">Well, because Mark Cuban’s thinking of doing it!</p> <p id="PHQsR2"><strong>I think I’d rather have you there, Sally, than him我知道他很好Why don’t you think that? Why? You know, we’re talking about women running in this election我们有Stacey Abrams在格鲁吉亚I’m assuming you back her.</strong></p> <p id="OBkgEM">Yeah我支持Stacey</p> <p id="42k9Nk"><strong>Yeah是啊Oprah gave an amazing, as usual...</strong></p> <p id="sXACRR">Only Oprah could end up making President Obama be the second story, because President Obama is coming to Atlanta tomorrow to campaign for Stacey Abrams</p> <p id="q9KCsV"><strong>Does she have a pretty good chance or what?</strong></p> <p id="mSWMQm">The polls show it neck and neck right now, 48-48, which is remarkable because, look, Georgia is a red state所以民意测验在48到48岁的时候真的很棒。它有50个,Georgia is one of those states where you have to have over 50 or it goes to a runoff.</p> <p id="Q7H7Sl"><strong>Do they run against each other again?</strong></p> <p id="dSQXvE">Again是啊现在有一个自由派候选人</p> <p id="XZlvIf"><strong>All right好的So you’re not thinking of running for office? </strong></p> <p id="u0cdpE">NoAlthough, my husband wants me to.</p> <p id="39L4hV"><strong>Oh, he does? </strong></p> <p id="DHgRZk">He always says, every time I get asked this question, he says, “Just leave a little bit of wiggle room, so if you ...” </p> <p id="G5YNFd"><strong>I think your husband is wiseBut again, why? Because you don’t think you’d be good at it or you just don’t want to be subject to ...</strong></p> <p id="jKB7TE">No, I ...</p> <p id="nlXNty"><strong>Only because there’s a lot of women running, and you need to give them inspirationThat’s all.</strong></p> <p id="LPtFOC">I know, and I think it’s fantastic that they’re running, and I’ve been particularly just amazed when I’ve been out speaking, all the particularly young women running all over the country, and it doesn’t have to be for statewide office, whether it’s like city council or county commission or whatever</p> <p id="CuREF2">Or, if they’re not running, they’re helping someone who’s running on a particular campaign, or they’re getting involved in issues你说的是人们能做什么你可以做很多事情来定义我们的价值观应该是什么样的。我不认为每个人都必须成为他或她自己的候选人</p> <p id="LhS0pN"><strong>I’m going to finish up talking to you a little bit about #MeToo and where that isHow do you look at these cases? The Harvey Weinstein one is wobbling a little bit because of a bad detective in New YorkSo how do you look at the whole panoply of that? Obviously, I’m assuming you’ve had your own share of issues like that作为“娴静”,我认为娴静可能不是最糟糕的,也不是你听过的最糟糕的事情从法律的角度来看,你如何看待这一点,以及让女性担任权力职位,这样的事情就不会发生</strong></p> <p id="EbclVC">Yeah你知道,这是......you’d think we’d be past this by now, wouldn’t you? I mean, God, I think back to the, you know, “I think they’d appreciate a more demure woman,” although I wouldn’t consider that harassment, that’s more just annoying.</p> <p id="lSa9l2"><strong>Just obnoxious只是一个混蛋</strong></p> <p id="yg7PXW">You’d think we’d be past this stuff, but yet in the last year, I’ve had so many conversations with other women, particularly my contemporaries, who’ve told me stories, if not an out-and-out sexual assault, some other indignity that they suffered at some point in their career and felt like they just had to silently suck it up and take it</p> <p id="ezNNp7">Frankly, back in the day, other women were part of the problem, because I remember back when I first started practicing law, there were not many women in positions of authority in the legal profession我觉得有一种感觉,“瞧,如果你要在这个男人的世界里成功,你一定要成为其中的一员,而且你不会对这样的事情大发脾气。”支持其他妇女,因为他们本来应该I think that’s changing now你肯定在去年看到女人们不再会拿这些东西了I have just flat had it.</p> <p id="TxSMsI"><strong>So give a few tips, and then we’ll answer some questions, of what you think are the critical parts that have helped you其中的一件事…我们只是喜欢拥有一个团队,就像我自己形成一个民兵的Etheridge,这是带枪的女同性恋者害怕非常害怕What are your things, the advice you would give to people?</strong></p> <p id="0dFmA6">With respect to the #MeToo movement?</p> <p id="w54QFi"><strong>No, in general.</strong></p> <p id="SuryBk">Oh, God</p> <p id="Z0cJba"><strong>In this, there’s another thing, and you faced those things我认为#MeToo运动就像正在发生的事情一样,就像女性所付出的税,就像他们在成功时需要处理的额外负担一样</strong></p> <p id="M3CDHm">Yeah, I think it is, and I think that particularly for those of us that are a little older now, we have a responsibility to do more to be protecting younger women当我说保护,我不意味着在屏蔽我的意思是…我讨厌“赋权”因为我只是觉得它的过度使用,但它似乎也适用于这里,但让年轻的妇女知道他们真的不需要融入别人的想法,他们应该做的或者他们应该</p> <p id="XDGCvr">You know, I remember when I was coming along, women really tried to carefully calibrate sort of <em>their</em> image你不想过于咄咄逼人,过于自信,或者说太过分了,但你却不想成为墙花你总是需要校准正确的攻击性水平。希望这已经结束了,如果你是一个强硬的人,女性会感觉舒服,你可以感觉很舒服,这样就不必试图去适应别人的观点。这与当天的情况不同</p> <p id="bUT0J8"><strong>What inspires you? </strong></p> <p id="vwbXdk">You know what? As I said, I spent that year at Georgetown and I was doing a lot of speaking at colleges and universities and it actually goes back to the day of the women’s march, which I couldn’t participate inI was acting AG at the time, so I was kind of ...</p> <p id="OILjAG"><strong>You wanted to, right?</strong></p> <p id="VMHJmu">I did! Actually, I was at the Whole Foods that afternoon when it was over in D.C那天和寒冷所有这些年轻女性都只是涌进杂货店,因为地铁在那里溢出他们有标志,帽子和整个事物</p> <p id="WfB2lC">I’m there with my security detail and I just tell them, “I’m going to stand over here.” I just wanted to watch for a while所有这些年轻女性都对自己的皮肤感到舒服他们知道他们是谁They knew what they believed in他们大声说出来并不是犹豫不决</p> <p id="RDGDHy">For the last year and a half or so that I’ve been speaking at colleges or universities or other places, I’m inspired by not just those women that were at the march, but the young women who come up to me and tell me that they had never thought about public service beforeThey had planned on going into business or into that, but they really feel a calling now to want to be part of defining her country, not to leave that to our elected officials that we have now, but to be part of that</p> <p id="dHPKIa">That’s really inspiring to me that in the midst of all of <em>this</em> right now in our country that the silver lining out of all of that is that the 20-somethings that in the past might have been very self-focused are much more focused on our world and our country and something outside themselvesMuch more than I was, for example, at that age.</p> <p id="1Rklr2"><strong>Last question and then we’ll get ...</strong></p> <p id="Q24qz5">I’m sorry.</p> <p id="5L1EQX"><strong>That’s okayNo, it’s great.</strong></p> <p id="gxhxmb">Much too long an answer.</p> <p id="p6jyBe"><strong>If you had to pick one characteristic of yours that you think has been critical to your success ..我将开始我,obnoxiousness前进你不是讨厌的I see that.</strong></p> <p id="69uwZu">PersistencePersistence.</p> <p id="rGh7tJ"><strong>As in “still she...”?</strong></p> <p id="ee9IIb">Oh, no事实上,我希望我没有因此而选择那个词“Nevertheless, she persisted.” I’m pretty damned dogged.</p> <p id="ySAV0B"><strong>Persistent.</strong></p> <p id="eDsde8">I’m trying to think of another word so I won’t be glomming onto that right now.</p> <p id="Mf5w5P"><strong>It’s all rightShe’ll share it with you.</strong></p> <p id="dTAN67"><strong>[audience members yell “grit”]</strong></p> <p id="GbjTxr">Grit’s a good one! That’s a good wordBut that sort of always … From the time that I can remember from law school all the way through, I guess if there’s been one thing that probably has contributed to whatever success I’ve had, that would be it.</p> <p id="ovh6m6"><strong>All right观众提问?我们有事情要做啊,马林,太棒了This is Malin.</strong></p> <p id="jrRsrM"><strong>Malin: </strong>Sally, what can you share with us ..Kavanaugh和最高法院的听证会现在也感觉像是一段古老的历史Yes, I’m sorry, is that a bad way to end the afternoon? Is there something you can say to us about this?</p> <p id="AfzIo4"><strong>Yates: </strong>Is there something I can say what?</p> <p id="LcSPHu"><strong>Malin: </strong>The Kavanaugh hearings and the ..</p> <p id="8qS9xj"><strong>Is there something you can say to us about the Kavanaugh hearings that have nothing to do with beer?</strong></p> <p id="lq3LL5"><strong>Yates: </strong>That’s gonna make you feel better?</p> <p id="7A4Ra3"><strong>Yeah.</strong></p> <p id="EnW7I9"><strong>Malin: </strong>Or just a commentary, or maybe it’s just catharticI don’t know.</p> <p id="gzqn1C"><strong>Yates: </strong>I don’t think I have anything that’ll make you feel better我想出了那个整体..好吧,有一件事会让你感觉更好博士呢Ford? I mean, you wanna talk about ..我看着…我想,我们所有人都看着她的见证和......我之前参议院听证会作证,但这是我工作的一部分</p> <p id="vdWdXc">This was not her job她没有这么做And I watched her go in with just remarkable dignity and grit and courage and I can’t help but believe that, putting aside the results of all of that, that that had to have inspired other women to also find the courage within themselves.</p> <p id="LHW7ZD">I juxtapose that against, to me, the lowest moment of the whole thing — and there were a lot of low moments — of when the president at that rally was mocking Dr福特和这个他以前说过的女人是可信的,令人信服的。但他已经决定,政治上他需要超越她。所以,他只是打了气And I will never forget that crowd there in the rally laughing at her expense and thinking back on her testimony when she talked about the thing that stuck with her.</p> <p id="IubUvF"><strong>Laughing.</strong></p> <p id="MjAtxe">Was that laughter at her expense他们又在那里,再次嘲笑她To me, that was the lowest moment of the whole thing.</p> <p id="7cMgJs"><strong>Well, gosh, Sally.</strong></p> <p id="xwspaf">So, sorryLet’s think of a higher moment.</p> <p id="QrtTV8"><strong>Audience member: </strong>On that cheerful note ..</p> <p id="3LCLdN"><strong>Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still really healthyThat’s my...</strong></p> <p id="RZ2ITa"><strong>Yates: </strong>She can plank longer than I can.</p> <p id="xVtOdJ"><strong>She can plankShe’s a planker.</strong></p> <p id="UFnyPY"><strong>Audience member: </strong>Well-preserved所以,我也开始了自己的律师生涯,所以我可能会有偏见,但我想从你这里得到一些建议或许对我们能做什么来支持法治我认为我们考虑的事情之一是这个东西影响公民社会和所有这一切,但它是风险资本家和人民依赖我们的业务基础设施真的很保持常数,法治是至关重要的Have you given any thought to what you might suggest for ordinary people who are going about their business lives? What can we do to reinforce and support the importance of the rule of law in our country?</p> <p id="2BZ0ra"><strong>Yates: </strong>I’ve been asked that and I still don’t have a great answer to that question because it’s really hard in your day-to-day lives to be able to have an impact on thatWhen I was at Georgetown, I put together this convening of people, 50 percent Republicans and 50 percent Democrats, where we brought in people to emphasize the importance of this issue and to emphasize the nonpartisan nature of it.</p> <p id="kRcR1n">Through that, one thing that came out is that — I know it sounds kinda silly — the phone calls and letters and all that your elected representatives get about this being something that’s important to them ..One of the biggest problems we have right now is the lack of a check on the executive.</p> <p id="ixEapN"><strong>Sorry, I just took your picture.</strong></p> <p id="yqeTDs">Oh, were you… I’m talking with my hands a lot.</p> <p id="FDCDTT"><strong>Keep going.</strong></p> <p id="8POry4">Is the lack of a check that we have on the executiveI’m not suggesting to you that all of a sudden this is going to make all the difference in the world, but I think our elected representatives need to know how unacceptable that is to us, whether it’s in town halls or letters or calls or talking with other business executivesWhat we don’t wanna do is lose our sense of ourselves to where we’re just ...</p> <p id="bhPeOq"><strong>They do everything to get electedIf you stop them or get in their way, that’s when they react.</strong></p> <p id="kr6dAc">If they know this matters, if they feel like they’re at risk if they don’t do something to push back on this, I think that’s the only thing that really ...</p> <p id="QtyRjP"><strong>And vote, hard.</strong></p> <p id="Fu17nl">Oh gosh, and vote.</p> <p id="FayHVy"><strong>Vote hard行Another question? We had one moreOr was it over here?</strong></p> <p id="s5aNsR"><strong>Audience member: </strong>Hi, so I wanna get back to the election and I would love to hear ..你一直在外面谈论全国我很想听听你认为在20年代打败唐纳德特朗普会怎么样What kind of candidate? Let’s leave Sally Yates aside for a minuteWhat kind of candidate do you think will be the best case to race against him?</p> <p id="Wk1uga"><strong>Yates: </strong>Look, I don’t claim any particular insight in the political world那真的不是我的世界I’ve been a prosecutor all this time.</p> <p id="ZQIEON"><strong>Audience member: </strong>So speculate<strong>.</strong></p> <p id="PYMIWS"><strong>Yates: </strong>Okay, speculate我想你需要解决唐纳德特朗普的解药我认为有必要吸引我们更好的天使,我们最好的直觉 - 我知道所有这些听起来有点陈词滥调 - 对我们国家的统一价值观有所帮助</p> <p id="S8Mqo1">Right now, we have somebody who is appealing to absolutely the darkest, fearful instincts in peopleAnd to me, for the sharpest contrast — again, it’s not on any particular policy issue because people of goodwill can have genuinely different views on that kind of stuff — but it’s about a fundamental question of who we are as a country and how we treat immigrants and how we treat each other and the rule of law and do we respect a free press and all those sort of basic, core founding principles that haven’t really been in danger in the past, but actually are now</p> <p id="lKyCNc">I think you need somebody who is the embodiment of that, who can articulate that, and who also isn’t going to be so stage-managed so that everything seems poll-tested, because I also happen to believe that people vote for somebody they trust他们可能不同意他们在每一个问题,但他们决定他们是否相信人的决策To me, it’s got to be somebody who ...</p> <p id="pVtT3c"><strong>So far, it’s just Oprah right now that you’re talking about right now, but go aheadWho else?</strong></p> <p id="VlGaUa">Oprah was amazing, actually, when she was talking about Stacey Abrams.</p> <p id="wfM84a"><strong>She’s gotta stop this她需要跑步或什么的</strong></p> <p id="zwpVQz">I’m not sure who it’s gonna beI haven’t even been focusing on candidates so much, yeah.</p> <p id="1atC5K"><strong>Anyone inspire you?</strong></p> <p id="uw29lQ">I’m thinkingLook, Barack Obama hadn’t really emerged at this point yet.</p> <p id="2w2xBy"><strong>That’s true这是正确的That’s a fair point.</strong></p> <p id="9jDOSb">We don’t really know who’s out there at this point.</p> <p id="j4Xxr0"><strong>Some person.</strong></p> <p id="5xiafq">Some person.</p> <p id="miJvyB"><strong>All right最后一个问题Very last, right here.</strong></p> <p id="eM6kyX"><strong>Audience member: </strong>Hi.</p> <p id="up38YW"><strong>Hey.</strong></p> <p id="dDuQMC"><strong>Audience member #4: </strong>Thank you for all that you’ve done, first of all, and thanks for coming in to speak这非常鼓舞人心Just switching 万博体育忘记提款密码怎么办 a little bit toward technology我们在房间里所有的风险资本家,我们有谁真的想数据隐私问题的创始人聊天您显然已经看到来自科技界的非常杰出的人试图解释技术如何运作以及我们如何处理隐私问题我很好奇你是否对DOJ如何考虑与创始人或科技公司聊天甚至起诉他们有任何见解What will the world look like from a legal perspective and how should we be thinking about guiding our founders going forward?</p> <p id="wZftaz"><strong>Yates: </strong>I don’t think any of us know what the world is gonna look like from a legal perspective like two, three, five years from now我认为我们所知道的一件事是,我认为它现在看起来会比现在看起来有所不同,因为我觉得我们觉得我们正处在一个关键时刻......And I couldn’t begin to tell you exactly what form this is gonna take, but there’s gonna have to be some type of regulation that addresses some of that.</p> <p id="Kxhf9A"><strong>Were you thinking of that at the time? Were you starting to look at those things?</strong></p> <p id="6WxsEx">Yeah, we absolutely wereThe problem, though, is that all of these issues are supercharged issues in Congress有时候,它甚至不会打破共和党民主党人的事情它刚刚崩溃And candidly, they don’t really have the expertise.</p> <p id="z22qvn"><strong>Candidly? Candidly, we saw it on display一个4岁的孩子比他们有更好的技术意识。But go ahead.</strong></p> <p id="5eL2nn">Right, so those hearings are really not the best vehicle for trying to craft important privacy legislation or otherwiseThey get staff people, who certainly know that area.</p> <p id="uesCmM"><strong>So, a national privacy bill, for example?</strong></p> <p id="UIEQaT">Yeah, I don’t know that that’s gonna happen.</p> <p id="0xWi6X"><strong>There’s one in California.</strong></p> <p id="GVj9Af">I don’t think that having piecemeal privacy laws is probably the best idea here.</p> <p id="XF1NUX"><strong>Right.</strong></p> <p id="WpQvTU">I know some tech companies are pushing for a federal privacy lawExactly what form that takes and whether or not you can, Congress will get to the point in the next year or two to be able to do that, I’m not sure.</p> <p id="czHjZY"><strong>Related, obviously, just as far as you’re famous for the Microsoft trial, was there antitrust considerations going on among these big tech companies?</strong></p> <p id="tha69r">Considerations, yeahI can’t talk about the specific.</p> <p id="R5ZOt6"><strong>How do you look at it from the outside now?</strong></p> <p id="P9MENT">I think that certainly ..看有各种各样的问题有点像法学院考试问题的每一个问题你可以想象联系在科技界现在,从垄断到隐私的问题,现在是一个大阴谋Figuring out how smaller tech companies compete when the larger companies have ...</p> <p id="61PilC"><strong>So much dominance.</strong></p> <p id="9f3VMb">Yeah, exactly我没有所有的答案我想肯定有人在研究这一点,但这是否真的变成了什么是很难知道的。至少在短期内I think it’s gonna have to, though, over some period of years, because we’ll just keep lurching.</p> <p id="7bGY5G"><strong>Yeah, regulation is coming, for sureSome sort of something一些行动类似的东西好吧,最后一个问题Sally Yates, what’s your current mood?</strong></p> <p id="8V8ALw">What’s my current mood?</p> <p id="FNVqH8"><strong>Yeah, what is it?</strong></p> <p id="TXIYYc">I don’t even know what that question ...</p> <p id="yUTHrn"><strong>I’m pissedBut what is yours? Current mood.</strong></p> <p id="TfMMeB">Oh, current moodI thought you said “current move,” like this is some kind of California question that I don’t even know what this means.</p> <p id="dKchpG"><strong>Actually, it is actually a word一些千禧一代最近对我说:“你今天有什么动作?”我想,“什么?”你今天在做什么我当时想,“哦,我正在睡觉It’s my day move.”</strong></p> <p id="KHeCEs">Ooh, God, I’m gonna end on a downer.</p> <p id="ktd5dt"><strong>All right.</strong></p> <p id="oMRaRs">I’m kinda anxious right now, both in terms of the midterms and what that means in terms of whether we actually are gonna begin to have the check that we need, whether all these people ..I’m a little nervous about whether all these people who were writing and protesting and marching and all of that, are they actually gonna vote?</p> <p id="9kE2vJ">I’m hopeful in that regardI guess I’m anxious and hopeful at the same time, if that can be kind of a weird cabal there.</p> <p id="GidmGa"><strong>That’s how everybody is谢谢Thank you, Sally Yates.</strong></p> <p id="n7vXhI">Thanks!</p> <aside id="ceX4GY"><div data-anthem-component="newsletter" data-anthem-component-data='{"slug":"recode_daily"}'></div></aside> http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/12/18086580/sally-yates-attorney-general-justice-department-doj-donald-trump-corruption-kara-swisher-podcast 埃里克•约翰逊 2018-11-12T06:00:02-05:00 2018-11-12T06:00:02-05:00 像Alexa和Siri这样的语音技术尚未找到真正的呼唤:语音助手“革命”内部 <img alt="" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/aMjkEVOIdFnHrJ7Sns9dEOsykoU=/602x0:6519x4438/1310x983/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/62274061/GettyImages_915968936.0.jpg" /> <p>Until we invent something that wouldn’t be possible without voice, we’re just repurposing online content for our ears.&nbsp;</p> <p class="p-dropcap has-dropcap" id="P7kmLh">You can soon, if you insist, talk to your microwave — and it will listen.</p> <p id="LIUqhU">Amazon recently announced a <a href="https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Microwave-Compact-Works-Alexa/dp/B07894S727/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">$60 voice-activated microwave</a>, along with 10 other new products using its Alexa voice assistantRoll your eyes if you’d like, but it’s the latest example of Amazon’s obsession with making Alexa — which first launched four years ago — ubiquitous, from the kitchen to the car.</p> <p id="TKWVje">And Amazon is hardly alone谷歌一直在加强其助理语音小工具的阵容,最近宣布< a href =“http:/ / www.theverge。COM /断路器/ 2018/10 / 9/17943362 /谷歌家居中心智能副屏价格发布日期“>谷歌家居中心</a>,一屏智能音箱<a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/10/8/17937366/facebook-portal-video-screen-launch-privacy-alexa">Facebook just unveiled Portal</a>, a device that specializes in video calls in addition to its smart speaker responsibilities苹果有其HomePod,加上Siri——自2011年以来一直在建造它的所有设备,从iPhone到AirPods</p> <p id="z8y9F4">Voice assistants are potentially <a href="https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/31/business/media/amazon-google-privacy-digital-assistants.html">privacy nightmares</a> as they proceed to monitor more and more elements of our daily livesThat fear, however, hasn’t seemed to put a dent in sales</p> <p id="K9DPIk">As the holiday shopping season approaches, voice-powered smart speakers are again expected to be big sellers, adding to the approximately <a href="https://voicebot.ai/2018/10/30/u-s-smart-speaker-users-rise-to-57-million/">one-quarter</a> to <a href="https://www.cmo.com/features/articles/2018/9/7/adobe-2018-consumer-voice-survey.html">one-third</a> of the U.S已经拥有智能扬声器且使用语音助手的人口<a href="https://www.emarketer.com/content/whats-next-for-voice-control">每月至少一次</a></p> <p id="LSlQUY">Voice interfaces have been adopted faster than nearly <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/5/30/17385116/mary-meeker-slides-internet-trends-code-conference-2018">any other technology in history</a>And with big sales has come big hype, thanks in part to breathless prognostications about our voice-driven future:</p> <ul> <li id="fwqhoy">The global number of installed smart speakers is going to more than double to 225 million units in two years, says <a href="https://www.canalys.com/static/press_release/2018/090718%20Media%20alert%20Smart%20speaker%20installed%20base%20to%20hit%20100%20million%20by%20end%20of%202018.pdf">Canalys</a></li> <li id="A1Sug4">Voice shopping on Alexa alone could generate more than $5 billion per year in revenue by 2020, according to <a href="https://www.seattletimes.com/business/amazon/amazons-alexa-could-become-10-billion-business-by-2020-rbc-analysts-estimate/">RBC Capital Markets</a></li> <li id="97G1vV">Global ad spending on voice assistants — currently nonexistent — will reach $19 billion by 2022, nearly the size of the current magazine ad business, per <a href="https://www.juniperresearch.com/press/press-releases/amazon-echo-google-home-to-reside">Juniper Research</a>.</li> </ul> <p id="IfzjKI">While some of this will likely come to pass, the hype might be disguising where we really are with voice technology: Earlier than we think</p> <p id="7vINZ0">About a third of smart speaker owners end up using them less after the first month, according to an<a href="https://www.nationalpublicmedia.com/smart-audio-report/latest-report/#download"> NPR and Edison Research report</a> earlier this year只是有点超过一半的受访者表示,他们不想回到人生没有一个聪明的演讲者</p> <p id="FaDtVe">While people are certainly enthusiastic about the new technology, it’s not exactly life-changing yet</p> <p id="VSp6be">Today, voice assistants and smart speakers have proven to be popular ways to turn on the radio or dim the lights or get weather informationBut to be revolutionary, they will need to find a greater calling — a new, breakout application.</p> <h1 id="fodC1l">Where voice technology is succeeding</h1> <p id="5fiOas">That’s not to say they aren’t already proving useful.</p> <p id="98f6Dv">Human-to-machine voice interactions are inevitable和负担得起的消费设备和无线网络快速增殖——大多数voice-assistant处理发生在遥远的服务器——他们正在推动真正的效用和正在改变我们如何与机器进行交互</p> <p id="ceMko0"></p> <div class="c-wide-block"><div id="CIht0w"> <iframe id="datawrapper-chart-U3nyJ" src="//datawrapper.dwcdn.net/U3nyJ/1/" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="width: 0; min-width: 100% !important;" height="663"></iframe><script type="text/javascript">if("undefined"==typeof window.datawrapper)window.datawrapper={};window.datawrapper["U3nyJ"]={},window.datawrapper["U3nyJ"].embedDeltas={"100":763,"200":688,"300":663,"400":663,"500":638,"700":638,"800":638,"900":638,"1000":638},window.datawrapper["U3nyJ"].iframe=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-U3nyJ"),window.datawrapper["U3nyJ"].iframe.style.height=window.datawrapper["U3nyJ"].embedDeltas[Math.min(1e3,Math.max(100*Math.floor(window.datawrapper["U3nyJ"].iframe.offsetWidth/100),100))]+"px",window.addEventListener("message",function(a){if("undefined"!=typeof a.data["datawrapper-height"])for(var b in a.data["datawrapper-height"])if("U3nyJ"==b)window.datawrapper["U3nyJ"].iframe.style.height=a.data["datawrapper-height"][b]+"px"});</script> </div></div> <p id="AQV9Ij"></p> <p id="gBYRsL">Playing music and other audio content is far and away the most successful current use case for voice assistants</p> <p id="CeXFiy">Anywhere from 70 percent to 90 percent of smart speaker users say they have streamed music on a smart speaker, depending on the study大约一半的数量每天这样做These statistics are meaningful, showing major change in how we consume media.</p> <p id="ePS5NH">Indeed, people who listen to Spotify on smart speakers are more likely to listen to music every day, according to the streaming music company, than Spotify users overallThey’re also more likely to listen to music on weekends and request nostalgic songs.</p> <p id="pFfw41">Old-school radio is feeling the smart speaker love as well去年这个时候,4%的国家公共广播电台的现场收听时间来自智能音箱NPR的个性化和策展总经理Tamar Charney表示,目前这一比例为19%</p> <div class="c-float-right c-float-hang"><aside id="OmVkvR"><q>This time last year, 4 percent of National Public Radio’s live radio streaming came through smart speakersIt’s now at 19 percent.</q></aside></div> <p id="g0DnuS">Importantly for public radio, which is funded by listeners, this listening is accretive, as NPR hasn’t seen declines on other platforms”人们听的时间越多,他们就越忙碌的内容,他们就越有可能捐赠,”恰尼说(Public radio stations now regularly remind listeners that they can ask their smart speakers to stream NPR.)</p> <p id="9CuPp5"> “Smart speakers single-handedly brought radio back to the home,” according to Bret Kinsella, founder of the <a href="https://voicebot.ai/">Voicebot blog</a> and <a href="https://voicebot.ai/voicebot-万博体育/">podcast</a>, which are dedicated completely to voice technology“The killer voice app is calling up music.”</p> <p id="FEqVu2">Even 万博体育, which can be more difficult to surface with voice assistants, are seeing a boostPeople often spend twice as long listening to 万博体育 on smart speakers as they do on their phones, according Cara Meverden, founder of voice-controlled podcast curation app <a href="https://www.scout.fm/">Scout FM</a>.</p> <p id="flUrWX">Even more compelling for the advertising-led world of 万博体育, smart speaker listeners are less prone to skipping through advertising than those who listen on computers or phones.</p> <p id="8thZov">“People are <em>much</em> less likely to skip ads on Alexa告诉Alexa向前跳30秒比让广告播放更不方便,”Meverden告诉<.>.de</.>“智能议长听众更被动,”她补充道“People with voice interfaces tend to accept what’s given to them.”</p> <p id="U4Ynu6">Voice technology has also helped bring smart home devices — thermostats, lights, locks and any other appliances that can be controlled from anywhere<strong> </strong>— closer to the mainstream谷歌的助理现在有超过10000 < a href = " https://www.blog.google/products/home/smart-home-ecosystem/ " > < / >智能家居设备从其他制造商Alexa works with more than 20,000.</p> <div class="c-float-left c-float-hang"><aside id="gHi5GB"><q>“It used to be that the only person who could use [the smart home device] was the person who set it up.” —Google Director of Product Management and Hardware Micah Collins</q></aside></div> <p id="GCn4nj">Instead of having to set up your remote-controlled lights or program a smart home hub, voice assistants have shouldered a lot of the complexityIn some cases, it’s only a matter of plugging in the device and then commanding your voice assistant to control it.</p> <p id="CDXW3V">“It used to be that the only person who could use [the smart home device] was the person who set it up,” Google Director of Product Management and Hardware Micah Collins told <strong>Recode</strong>“Using the voice interface to control things represented a huge change in usability.”</p> <p id="1feykh">That has caused sales of smart home devices to increaseThe worldwide smart home device market — including smart speakers, digital media adapters, lighting, thermostats, home monitoring and security devices — is expected to grow 27 percent this year to about 550 million units, according to IDC.</p> <p id="JgBsq3">The impact has been felt throughout the smart home industry.</p> <p id="d4CDAB">A majority of Leviton’s smart light switches and outlets have been accessed using Alexa or Google AssistantHas it helped sales? “Without a doubt,” said Leviton product manager James Shurte“Voice control is really the primary driver of more mass market smart home options.”</p> <p id="1ShVKG"></p> <div class="c-wide-block"><div id="9WOIOO"> <iframe id="datawrapper-chart-45BGi" src="//datawrapper.dwcdn.net/45BGi/1/" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="width: 0; min-width: 100% !important;" height="384"></iframe><script type="text/javascript">if("undefined"==typeof window.datawrapper)window.datawrapper={};window.datawrapper["45BGi"]={},window.datawrapper["45BGi"].embedDeltas={"100":501,"200":423,"300":384,"400":359,"500":345,"700":345,"800":345,"900":345,"1000":345},window.datawrapper["45BGi"].iframe=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-45BGi"),window.datawrapper["45BGi"].iframe.style.height=window.datawrapper["45BGi"].embedDeltas[Math.min(1e3,Math.max(100*Math.floor(window.datawrapper["45BGi"].iframe.offsetWidth/100),100))]+"px",window.addEventListener("message",function(a){if("undefined"!=typeof a.data["datawrapper-height"])for(var b in a.data["datawrapper-height"])if("45BGi"==b)window.datawrapper["45BGi"].iframe.style.height=a.data["datawrapper-height"][b]+"px"});</script> </div></div> <p id="8KJfHz"></p> <p id="Ea4jpb">Voice assistants helped smart lock maker August double its revenue last year“一旦人们购买智能演讲者,他们想做的事情,将它们连接到灯,锁,“根据8月联合创始人兼首席执行官杰森·约翰逊“They look for things to buy to make use of the speakers they’re purchasing.”</p> <p id="odo9BC">In a <a href="https://twitter.com/backlon/status/1038837314506514432/photo/1">perfectly set-up house</a>, you can control the sound, the temperature and locks with your voice您可以命令流媒体播放您的嘴唇运动这一切都非常酷,Jetsons-y但是,如果没有语音技术,步行几英尺或点击一个应用程序,大多数人都可以轻松完成这些工作</p> <p id="lXX3vD">While streaming radio and smart home controls seem like useful-enough functions of smart speakers, it would be disappointing if that’s as far as voice assistants end up taking us改变生活的事情,你不能没有声音似乎还没有存在。</p> <h1 id="HKLukC">Consumers aren’t buying voice shopping</h1> <p id="LVqFfC">One thing that companies hope will happen — but hasn’t yet — is that people will start using their voice assistants to effortlessly buy all kinds of stuff大多数的调查显示只有20%的智能议长用户曾经使用他们的设备购买The number that <a href="https://voicebot.ai/2018/03/07/new-voicebot-report-says-nearly-20-u-s-adults-smart-speakers/">shop monthly</a> is half that</p> <p id="bNlSUj">A more alarming report for retailers by <a href="https://www.theinformation.com/articles/the-reality-behind-voice-shopping-hype">The Information</a> said that just 2 percent of Alexa users had made a purchase with the device this year, through early AugustWhatever the number is, it’s not yet what retailers are dreaming of.</p> <p id="GvtHYa">Indeed, the majority of people still prefer to shop at physical stores, according to a May survey by <a href="https://voicebot.ai/voice-shopping-report-2018/">Voicebot</a>Not even 1 percent of Americans said they would rather shop on a smart speaker.</p> <p id="CneX3Q"></p> <div class="c-wide-block"><div id="wHBA8O"> <iframe id="datawrapper-chart-SovJ1" src="//datawrapper.dwcdn.net/SovJ1/1/" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="width: 0; min-width: 100% !important;" height="156"></iframe><script type="text/javascript">if("undefined"==typeof window.datawrapper)window.datawrapper={};window.datawrapper["SovJ1"]={},window.datawrapper["SovJ1"].embedDeltas={"100":231,"200":206,"300":181,"400":156,"500":156,"700":156,"800":156,"900":156,"1000":156},window.datawrapper["SovJ1"].iframe=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-SovJ1"),window.datawrapper["SovJ1"].iframe.style.height=window.datawrapper["SovJ1"].embedDeltas[Math.min(1e3,Math.max(100*Math.floor(window.datawrapper["SovJ1"].iframe.offsetWidth/100),100))]+"px",window.addEventListener("message",function(a){if("undefined"!=typeof a.data["datawrapper-height"])for(var b in a.data["datawrapper-height"])if("SovJ1"==b)window.datawrapper["SovJ1"].iframe.style.height=a.data["datawrapper-height"][b]+"px"});</script> </div></div> <p id="LKf194">Perhaps in response, Amazon has been trying to convince consumer brands to feature Alexa shopping commands on their advertisements and packaging.</p> <p id="3tMBUH">It’s certainly telling that the latest iteration of smart speakers all have screens它指出了当前语音技术的限制,特别是在商业方面</p> <p id="sch8co">“I think shopping is still very early days, especially for voice-only products,” Google’s Collins told <strong>Recode</strong>“Shopping is predominantly a visual and tactile experience.”</p> <p id="7VQ9k1">With voice, you only get one or two options when you’re searching for a product, not pages and pages of a product catalog, like you might be accustomed to online</p> <p id="R6BlCX">That makes it more ideal for household consumables — rather than, say, clothing — because they are low-cost, need to be reordered frequently and don’t require as much consideration as discretionary purchases with higher price tags</p> <p id="Um0QAe">Still, that’s a potential king-maker moment for brandsBecoming the first toilet paper <em>suggestion</em> on a voice assistant can mean being the first toilet paper <em>purchase</em>.</p> <h1 id="25Xv5t">Big brands are going all-in on voice </h1> <p id="SnhFuO">Some 85 percent of consumers who’ve made a voice-assisted purchase say they’ve bought the first option presented, according to a study from marketing agency <a href="http://www2.publicisgroupe.net/Virtual-Voice-Assist">Digitas</a>.</p> <p id="WvOn4W">So big brands are trying to get first-mover advantage; they’re not waiting for shopping to get off the ground before they start their voice strategies.</p> <p id="WNUSUI">“We believe that the impact of voice is going to be a bigger impact on the consumer journey than Google search was in the 2000s,” Campbell’s VP of Digital Marketing Matt Pritchard told <strong>Recode</strong>“从现在起两三年后,比我聪明的人说声音将成为搜索的首选方式If you haven’t converted your code or site experience to be ready, you’re going to be behind.”</p> <div class="c-float-right c-float-hang"><aside id="ohamTj"><q>It doesn’t take much imagination to see a future in which Amazon or Google merchants could pay to have their products suggested by their smart assistants.</q></aside></div> <p id="pzD7hX">How it works now: If you ask Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to buy, say, shampoo, they’ll surface what they think you’ll wantAlexa uses several criteria to suggest a purchase option: Your order history, whether a product is eligible for free Prime shipping and whether the product has the “Amazon’s Choice” seal of approval — “highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.”</p> <p id="NacUEr">Google picks products from <a href="https://express.google.com/u/0/stores">Google Express merchants</a> that are most relevant to the queryIt also considers purchase history and information about user preferences, as well as an item’s availability and proximity.</p> <p id="TY0jqQ">Both companies say there is no favoring of specific retailers — or their own products.</p> <p id="lDSa4T">Brands also can’t pay for visibility — yet目前,亚马逊和谷歌正试图通过尽可能提高搜索结果,在新的少数语音买家之间建立信任It doesn’t, however, take much imagination to see a future in which Amazon or Google merchants could pay to have their products suggested by their smart assistants — like sponsored ads that <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/9/10/17797720/amazon-is-stuffing-its-search-results-pages-with-ads">crowd their websites</a> — as a way to generate more ad dollars.</p> <p id="WrpeGV">Until then, brands are mostly using voice for marketing and awareness campaigns around their productsThat often includes updating search keywords to reflect how people actually talk, offering more web content in general and beefing up brand FAQs so that they accurately answer queries customers might ask.</p> <p id="7hc8jG">The best examples of this are when a brand provides a vital utility related to its productThat utility usually comes in the form of a skill or action, which is basically a voice assistant’s version of a mobile app.</p> <p id="JTro6F">Tide, for example, created a popular voice skill that explains how to get different stains out of different fabrics.</p> <p id="XHBd8H">Campbell’s offers step-by-step recipes based on items you have in your house“We want to get closer to consumers so we can better know and better understand them,” Campbell’s Pritchard said.</p> <div class="c-float-left c-float-hang"><aside id="Uzfhva"><q>“Amazon is more of a bet on purchasing, while Google is more for browsing or education.” —Patrón VP of Digital Marketing Adrian Parker</q></aside></div> <p id="hvX89x">Patrón Spirits Company suggests new cocktails to try and coaches you through preparing them at home.</p> <p id="ShCL4g">Since these brands would like to spread their messages as far as possible, they aren’t sticking to just one voice assistant, but rather creating skills and experiences for all smart devices.</p> <p id="DGsI6x">“Amazon is more of a bet on purchasing, while Google is more for browsing or education,” Patrón VP of Digital Marketing Adrian Parker told <strong>Recode</strong>“Both are in our strategy.” </p> <p id="OJ6gP6">Companies that complement or compete with the major voice players are keeping an open mind as well.</p> <p id="Y0BWm7">Spotify, Sonos and Qualcomm, which all work in conjunction with smart speakers and voice assistants, are being neutral on which platforms they work with so they can reach the most customers.</p> <div class="c-float-right c-float-hang"><aside id="QFaGtK"><q>“We’re not picking sides; we’re supporting everyone.” —Rahul Patel, senior VP and GM of connectivity and networking at Qualcomm</q></aside></div> <p id="E4YO6u">“We have a uniform, open platform that effectively scales across all voice control systems,” according to Rahul Patel, senior VP and GM of connectivity and networking at Qualcomm, a company that provides software and processing power for other brands’ smart devices这家公司<href="https://mashable.com/./qualcomm-.-chipset-alexa-headphone/#nIEz_eKjGqq">最近发布了一款音频芯片</a>,专门设计用于将耳机与数字助理集成。“We’re not picking sides; we’re supporting everyone.”</p> <p id="4aJfI2">Sonos, which is known for its high-end speakers that work with Alexa and soon Google Assistant, is also remaining neutral.</p> <p id="2PaV23">“Instead of trapping people in walled gardens, Sonos’ design is to be open and work with whatever voice assistant you want to use,” according to Antoine Leblond, VP of software</p> <h1 id="KTG59P">This is what winning could look like</h1> <p id="RYIMQI">It’s too soon in the voice revolution to call a winner, but companies are certainly staking their claims.</p> <p id="UoSsjC">Siri had a few years’ head start among voice assistants and is now actively used on <a href="https://go.redirectingat.com?id=66960X1555657&amp;xs=1&amp;url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.apple.com%2Fnewsroom%2F2018%2F01%2Fhomepod-arrives-february-9-available-to-order-this-friday%2F" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">half a billion devices</a>, including on iPhones, MacBook Pros and Apple WatchesHowever, Apple’s voice assistant has been <a href="https://www.theinformation.com/articles/the-seven-year-itch-how-apples-marriage-to-siri-turned-sour?shared=f701fb20770b1850">riddled with problems that caused it to largely squander that lead</a>.</p> <p id="x3fU8S">Google Assistant, thanks to Android’s omnipresence, also claims that it’s on <a href="https://venturebeat.com/2018/05/08/google-assistant-is-now-on-over-500-million-devices/">half a billion devices</a>.</p> <p id="zWsT44">Amazon is the smart speaker leader for now, though it’s hamstrung by not having its own phone公司弥补赤字的加倍的加载其他设备的Alexa转弯智能家居和汽车市场的希望Importantly, it recently unveiled a <a href="https://www.wsj.com/articles/amazons-new-microwave-alexa-please-defrost-my-chicken-1537469765">low-cost Alexa-enabled chip</a> that can make stupid devices smart.</p> <p id="r7vnms"></p> <div class="c-wide-block"><div id="EZNh1w"> <iframe id="datawrapper-chart-NuFhw" src="//datawrapper.dwcdn.net/NuFhw/2/" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="width: 0; min-width: 100% !important;" height="316"></iframe><script type="text/javascript">if("undefined"==typeof 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href="https://news.strategyanalytics.com/press-release/devices/strategy-analytics-google-closes-gap-amazon-global-smart-speaker-market-q2-201">Strategy Analytics</a> dataIn the U.S., Amazon makes up about 65 percent of installed speakers as of September, according to a <a href="https://voicebot.ai/2018/09/12/amazon-maintains-smart-speaker-market-share-lead-apple-rises-slightly-to-4-5/">Voicebot</a> survey.</p> <p id="iztcY5"></p> <div class="c-wide-block"><div id="c5n0z3"> <iframe id="datawrapper-chart-ztbkc" src="//datawrapper.dwcdn.net/ztbkc/3/" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="width: 0; min-width: 100% !important;" height="181"></iframe><script type="text/javascript">if("undefined"==typeof window.datawrapper)window.datawrapper={};window.datawrapper["ztbkc"]={},window.datawrapper["ztbkc"].embedDeltas={"100":281,"200":206,"300":181,"400":181,"500":181,"700":156,"800":156,"900":156,"1000":156},window.datawrapper["ztbkc"].iframe=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-ztbkc"),window.datawrapper["ztbkc"].iframe.style.height=window.datawrapper["ztbkc"].embedDeltas[Math.min(1e3,Math.max(100*Math.floor(window.datawrapper["ztbkc"].iframe.offsetWidth/100),100))]+"px",window.addEventListener("message",function(a){if("undefined"!=typeof a.data["datawrapper-height"])for(var b in a.data["datawrapper-height"])if("ztbkc"==b)window.datawrapper["ztbkc"].iframe.style.height=a.data["datawrapper-height"][b]+"px"});</script> </div></div> <p id="ujN9Kt"></p> <p id="4cpT3N">Market share, however, isn’t everything</p> <p id="h4nvYY">The future will likely include a number of smart assistants, depending on where you are and what you want to doJuniper估计,普通的智能手机用户将在2022年与三个语音助理平台</p> <p id="HwF0mA">“No single smart assistant platform can provide the complete portfolio of services and devices that consumers are looking for,” according to Adam Wright, a senior research analyst at IDC.</p> <p id="5kzpRt">For Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, what’s most important is getting users to participate in their ecosystems“They’re happy to forgo revenue from hardware for new customers using their services,” Wright said.</p> <p id="wNL5y1">In Amazon’s case, that means getting people to buy more through Prime and to subscribe to Amazon Music对于Google来说,它鼓励与搜索和其他产品(如Gmail、YouTube和Maps)的互动——所有这些都为它带来了广告收入。微软的Cortana——也与Alexa合作——希望人们使用它的办公套件。事实上,微软是倾斜力度,企业最近< a href = " https://blogs.microsoft.com/ai/cortana-for-enterprise/ " > < / >发布平台,让企业与Cortana建立自己的工作技能</p> <div class="c-float-right"><aside id="7NcaBv"><q>“They’re happy to forgo revenue from hardware for new customers using their services.” —Adam Wright, senior research analyst at IDC</q></aside></div> <p id="fT4JUX">Apple, in addition to looking for Apple Music subscribers, is making a hardware play与其他产品不同,Apple使第三方更难为Apple设备创建硬件直到最近,外部设备制造商不得不在其产品中加入物理Apple芯片,这大大提高了材料成本不过,苹果指控版税和已批准伙伴设备While it slows growth, this sort of environment allows Apple to guarantee a higher quality in its few devices and perhaps more of their own hardware sales in the future.</p> <p id="Ndqdun">Voice assistants have gotten good at answering one-off questions: “What’s the capital of North Dakota?” or, “What time is the Cavaliers game tonight?” But their <a href="https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/08/17/technology/alexa-siri-conversation.html">ability to follow a line of thought or figure out what a pronoun is referring to is limited</a>A voice assistant is capable of three or four back-and-forth interactions at most, barring it from having a true conversation, though it’s incrementally getting better.</p> <p id="6y6Wxw">For consumers, what matters most is that voice technology works, regardless of what name the assistant goes by</p> <p id="f0v42G"></p> <div class="c-wide-block"><div id="OsPgvC"> <iframe id="datawrapper-chart-FZ8tg" src="//datawrapper.dwcdn.net/FZ8tg/1/" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="width: 0; min-width: 100% !important;" height="550"></iframe><script type="text/javascript">if("undefined"==typeof window.datawrapper)window.datawrapper={};window.datawrapper["FZ8tg"]={},window.datawrapper["FZ8tg"].embedDeltas={"100":690,"200":592,"300":550,"400":550,"500":525,"700":525,"800":525,"900":525,"1000":525},window.datawrapper["FZ8tg"].iframe=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-FZ8tg"),window.datawrapper["FZ8tg"].iframe.style.height=window.datawrapper["FZ8tg"].embedDeltas[Math.min(1e3,Math.max(100*Math.floor(window.datawrapper["FZ8tg"].iframe.offsetWidth/100),100))]+"px",window.addEventListener("message",function(a){if("undefined"!=typeof a.data["datawrapper-height"])for(var b in a.data["datawrapper-height"])if("FZ8tg"==b)window.datawrapper["FZ8tg"].iframe.style.height=a.data["datawrapper-height"][b]+"px"});</script> </div></div> <p id="iC5bt0"></p> <p id="fWEbRC">But, assuming that the devices someday attain a level of accuracy similar to one another, which device and assistant consumers use will likely come down to other preferences</p> <p id="TResyq">People who prefer shopping on Amazon might pick Alexa, while Walmart and Target shoppers might like Google Assistant better那些想要各种智能家居设备选项的用户将拥有谷歌和亚马逊Those who prefer the Apple universe and its high-end products will end up with Siri.</p> <h1 id="b40cPP">What the future holds</h1> <p id="k3RgJ5">Fortunately for voice enthusiasts, we’re still in early days</p> <p id="WmLdRr">Smart speakers, like training wheels, are getting people more used to talking to their devices然而,语音的未来可能根本不会出现在发言者身上主要的扬声器制造商都为他们的助手添加了屏幕Samsung, smartly, is putting its voice assistant Bixby on its TVs, which have the potential to become the smart assistant hub of choice.</p> <p id="KzkCEZ">The key element is the voice assistant, regardless of what device it resides in聪明的助手将悄悄进入我们生活的方方面面,并将在国内外提供</p> <p id="uQzyC0">Some see a future in which stores and other public places are outfitted with voice assistants that will be able to recognize you and adapt their responses to your individual needs现在,话音助理仍在努力找出你所说的第一句话。</p> <p id="C9GxAA">What we ultimately do with this surfeit of voice technology remains to be seen</p> <p id="UlItAV">Think of the mouse in the ’80s与计算机交互的新方式遇到了蔑视,但这与概念的关系不如可能性和执行起初,鼠标的精度很差,软件还没有弄清楚如何巧妙地利用新技术快进近40年,很难想象没有鼠标或触摸板的设计软件和视频游戏。</p> <p id="rGBZ79">Voice is much more intuitive than a mouse, but we’re still trying to find ways to make voice work.</p> <p id="X6bAHV">“There’s always been a tendency to force the ‘old’ onto the ‘new’ when it comes to emerging technology platforms — the first ads on television, for example, were essentially radio ads, read out loud,” Will Hall, chief creative officer of Rain, a digital agency that specializes in voice, told <strong>Recode</strong>, regarding early attempts at voice advertising“Eventually TV ads evolved into multi-sensory stories — images of a car driving down the highway, music blaring — and so will the voice experience.” </p> <p id="WuxZmq">Until we find the app, use-case or invention that could only be possible using voice, we’re still just repurposing online content for your ears</p> <aside id="6V9n37"><div data-anthem-component="newsletter" data-anthem-component-data='{"slug":"recode_daily"}'></div></aside><p id="xxc0G4"></p> <p id="HKOiWS"></p> <p id="dkb5sW"></p> http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/12/17765390/voice-alexa-siri-assistant-amazon-echo-google-assistant 王妃Molla 2018-11-09T23:53:04-05:00 2018-11-09T23:53:04-05:00 Facebook Uber,谷歌结束强制仲裁性骚扰案件 <img alt =“谷歌员工最近对该公司的性骚扰政策进行了罢工" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/jwqGR5etPc4SmJt-OHqmMbCxIBQ=/211x0:2878x2000/1310x983/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/62259663/1056094412.jpg.0.jpg" /> <p>Arbitration is now a “choice rather than a requirement” at Facebook</ p> <p id =“uYEtku”> Facebook已加入其他科技公司,如优步,谷歌和微软,为提起性骚扰索赔的员工终止强制仲裁</p> <p id="HOz5gD">That means that employees can now take sexual harassment complaints to a court of law, and request a jury trial, instead of having to settle with the company in private, an approach that makes it easier for companies to hide systemic issues from the public</p> <p id="qTM2ot">“Today, we are publishing our updated <a href="https://peoplepractices.fb.com/relationships-at-work/">Workplace Relationships policy</a> and amending our arbitration agreements to make arbitration a choice rather than a requirement in sexual harassment claims,” a company spokesperson said in an email to <strong>Recode</strong>“Sexual harassment is something that we take very seriously and there is no place for it at Facebook.”</p> <p id="Y3xgei">Facebook’s move is a reaction to a rising number of tech employees who are upset that sexual harassment issues at big companies often get swept under the rug</p> <p id="SPuXID">Uber <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/5/15/17353978/uber-lawsuit-sexual-assault-arbitration-open-court">changed its policies in May following backlash</a> after more than a dozen women sued the company for alleged sexual assault late last year</p> <p id="oFeqDK">Google <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/8/18076030/google-response-employee-demands-sexual-misconduct-changes">changed its policies on Thursday</a> after thousands of employees <a href="http://www.vidshid.com/2018/11/1/18048720/google-employee-walkout-activism-sexual-harassment">walked out of work last week</a> in protestA recent <a href="https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/25/technology/google-sexual-harassment-andy-rubin.html">New York Times</a> report found that Google had covered for numerous high profile executives accused of sexual harassment, and even paid them generous severance packages as they walked out the door</p> <p id="eiW2QT">The changes to these policies should, in theory, encourage more women to come forward with issues and hold companies more accountable since they can’t hide incidents from the public</p> <aside id="4CESnF"><div data-anthem-component="newsletter" data-anthem-component-data='{"slug":"recode_daily"}'></div></aside><p id="a1Oc6r"></p> HTTPS://www. Reff.NET/2018/11/9/18081520/FoeBoo-Foice仲裁-变性性骚扰- UBE-GOOGLE 库尔特瓦格纳