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Facebook's top execs ‘make tobacco executives look like Mr.Rogers'

The company is under fire,again,this time for years of dirty tricks exposed by the New York Times..

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Facebook's board is throwing public support behind Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg — who are on Facebook's board

Also: Zuckerberg gave Sandberg his personal vote of confidence following a damning New York Times story published Wednesday..

Washington pummels Facebook: ‘Big tech can no longer be trusted'

One senator says the company"actually encouraged anti-Semitism"by hiring an opposition-research firm..

Who does Facebook fire after a bombshell New York Times investigation??

The news leader published a damning story about the social media giant's handling of recent scandals,so who gets the blame?If anyone..

Marc Benioff says he had rabbis and imams supporting the Prop C homelessness tax — but not tech CEOs

Business leaders are conditioned with a"Pavlovian"response against tax hikes,said the Salesforce CEO..

Airbnb is donating $5 million toward helping the homeless in San Francisco

It's the biggest donation the company has made in its hometown to date..

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates explains how Donald Trump is trying to corrupt the Justice Department

Yates talked with Recode's Kara Swisher shortly before the midterms at the AllRaise Summit in San Francisco..

Facebook followed Uber and Google and is ending forced arbitration for sexual harassment cases

Arbitration is now a"choice rather than a requirement"at Facebook..

Amazon's HQ2 was a con,not a contest

On the latest episode of Pivot,Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway talk about Amazon's two new"headquarters,"the toxic waste of social media and the mixed bag of the 2018 midterms..

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Google has responded to its employees' demands about sexual misconduct.Here are the changes it will and won't make..

The planned changes come a week after thousands of employees walked out over the company's handling of sexual misconduct cases..

San Francisco's Prop C homelessness tax was a big win for Marc Benioff,but legal challenges may be coming

Opponents say the city"won't see a penny"of the funds earmarked for the homeless..

Microsoft's president says we need to regulate facial recognition tech before ‘the year 2024 looks like the book"1984"'

Well here's a frightening scenario..

Will the Democrats' victory lead to tougher regulation of Silicon Valley?Even Europe's tech czar isn't sure..

European Commissioner of Competition Margrethe Vestager doesn't sound sure that Election Day will change much in the U.S..

American capitalism broke in the 1980s.Can it be fixed??

Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein talks about his new book,"Can American Capitalism Survive?"on Recode Decode..

Amazon employees hope to confront Jeff Bezos about law enforcement deals at an all-staff meeting

The"We Won't Build It"group sent a letter to the CEO this summer decrying the company's relationships with police..

Google's giant employee walkouts are one of the strongest showings of tech worker activism yet

Time's up for tech,say employees who are demanding an end to the company's alleged mishandling of sexual misconduct and harassment cases..

Full Q&A: ‘Good and Mad' author Rebecca Traister on Recode Decode

Traister explains why women's anger is having a resurgence and how to keep yourself from getting burned out..

Full Q&A: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Recode Decode

Clinton discusses the 2018 midterms,Monica Lewinsky,U.S.-Saudi relations,social media regulation,artificial intelligence and more with Recode's Kara Swisher..

Why Airbnb will be worth more than Uber

Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss Uber's IPO,Apple CEO Tim Cook's comments on privacy and more on the latest episode of Pivot..

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We have to rewrite antitrust law to deal with tech monopolies,says ‘Positive Populism' author Steve Hilton

All the old assumptions about what makes a monopoly no longer apply,Hilton says on Recode Decode..

Facebook found its new public face: Former U.K.Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Clegg is joining Facebook as global head of communications and public policy..

Trump's latest China threat could crush the $8 billion Amazon competitor Wish.Here's its plan to fight back..

The days of Wish building its company on the back of artificially low shipping rates may be over..

Eyeing a 2020 run,Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti explains how he (or someone else) could beat Trump

Garcetti isn't committed to running for president yet — but he's been thinking a lot about it..

Nobody trusts Facebook anymore.Here's one way it could change that..

AnchorFree CEO David Gorodyansky says Facebook and other tech companies should make it easy for users to temporarily opt out of data collection..

Why tech companies need to reinvent themselves every three to four years

Former Cisco CEO John Chambers says doing the same thing,even if it's the"right thing,"for too long is dangerous..

Silicon Valley congressman Ro Khanna explains his ‘internet bill of rights'

The proposed legislation offers new rules for data portability,net neutrality and more that Democrats might push for if they recapture Congress..

Elites like Amazon's Jeff Bezos think they're being philanthropic.But they could do so much more..

"Winners Take All"author Anand Giridharadas says elites only help on their own terms — and never in any way that would endanger their own extreme wealth..

California is officially the first state that will try to require companies like Apple,Facebook and Alphabet to add more women to their boards

Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law today,but it could face legal challenges from companies..

Big data could ‘stop famines from ever happening again,' says World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim

"Famine by definition is large numbers of people who are starving to death.There's no reason for that to ever happen.""

If they don't want to lose their jobs to a machine,doctors will need to become compassionate ‘human connectors'

"AI Superpowers"author and former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee predicts that medicine will undergo radical changes in the next few decades..

Is it time for a ‘slow food' movement for the internet??

Nicole Wong,the former deputy CTO of the United States,lays out what that might look like..

Full Q&A: Former Google lawyer and deputy U.S.CTO Nicole Wong on Recode Decode

"If you can order a chocolate cake on Amazon and have it delivered that day,then you ought to be able to get your Social Security benefits just as easily.""